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Kevin Bourcier
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I have a 2007 Expedition EL 4x4 with the air suspension in

Customer Question

I have a 2007 Expedition EL 4x4 with the air suspension in the rear. The "check air suspension light" came on and the rear of the truck sank to the bump stops. The suspension eventually filled back to normal height and the check air suspension light went away. During two additional drives with the truck, the rear end again sank to the bump stops and eventually refilled but the service light never came back on. When the rear end has dropped, the pump eventually runs but does not start right away. I have checked the lines and fittings and they all appear to hold air. If I turn off the air suspension, the level seems to stay the same. My guess would be the control module but I am not sure. I'm hoping it is not the compressor. Your input would be appreciated.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Kevin Bourcier replied 7 years ago.
Without getting too carried away here the compressor relay is commonly known to fail . It is a solid state module mounted in the passenger side front fender well area behind the bumper / headlight area . Your problem seems to be somewhat intermittent at this time so may be hard to confirm . The relay/solid state controllers commonly gets corroded from water from road spray , however your vehicle is fairly new to be already experiencing this fault . It would still warrant a look at the relay .
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Kevin,


I pulled the headlight and can easily find the compressor. There is a module mounted on top of the compressor that has the air intake line mounted to it. I'm not sure if this is the relay you mentioned. The four prong wiring connection on the compressor was clean. I took out the compressor to see if I was missing something mounted underneath but there is nothing else mounted in this area of the truck. The four prong plug looks to have power(blue/red) and ground (black/white) but I can't find out where the two smaller wires (black/white & brown) are coming from that lead to the module mounted on the compressor. I'm assuming a module of some sort controlls the air in and out of the bags. I could not find anything in the engine bay that looks to be linked to the compressor to tell it to come on or off. I had shut off the air suspension via the computer/dash board thinking it would stay at the same height. When I drove the truck this morning, the rear end eventually dropped so I turned the system back on. The pump started right away but the back end did not raise immediately. It eventually raised back to normal and stayed there for theXXXXXhome. I live in Minnesota and we have had plenty of snow and salt on the roads so it does point towards electrical but I don't know where to look next. Thanks again. Chad

Expert:  Kevin Bourcier replied 7 years ago.

The part you are looking for is on the passenger side . it is normally accessed from underneath the bumper ( pass side ) I can't find a diagram for your truck . And the indication is , that the relay for the compressor on your model is in the under hood relay center . I am in Canada and our Vehicles and some of our service info differs from U.S. models . Here is a diagram ( not very good ) showing the location of the " Solid State " relay for the Suspension compressor . I am sorry but I can't tell you for certain that this will be exactly the same as yours .




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The air compressor relay on this truck is in the fuse/relay center in the engine bay as you noted. The relay looks like new. Any other suggestions???
Expert:  Kevin Bourcier replied 7 years ago.
Wow ! No not really . The ride hight sensor can cause that type of problem so you could do a visual inspection of the connector for corrosion or water intrusion . it is under the back of the truck near the rear differential . It is difficult when the problem is intermittent !