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I have an 2008 Ford F-250 diesel 4x4 extend cab. I am having

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I have an 2008 Ford F-250 diesel 4x4 extend cab. I am having heater temperature control issues. It either hot or cold, no warm setting at all. Adjusting the temperature control knob makes no difference at all. I have replaced the blend door actuator and took out fuses # XXXXX and 5 (These fuses I located under the hood behind the battery). This made no difference. Should I replace the HVAC control panel that has the temp knob, fan know and HVAC selector knob? Could the electrical part of the temp knob be on the blink. I dont think it has a cable attached to it for the temperature adjustment.
is your vehicle equipped with manual or electronic climate control?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is manual

since you have already replaced the temperature blend door actuator ( hopefully the correct actuator since they all heatercase doors use the same actuator, see image below for blend door actuator location), it likely is the EMTC control head that has failed and i would suggest replacing the EMTC head in this case. If the actuator you have replaced is not the one pictured below, replace the actuator. It is accessed by removing the radio and lowering or removing the glovebox door , and reaching up into the dash with a 8 mm gearwrench and 1/4'' ratchet


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The new actuator looked excally like the old one with wires coming out of it. It was located above the gas pedal to the right.


Is there any adjustment to the EMTC Control head or is it just "Plug and play" so to speak.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Could I have replaced the wrong actuator? The one I replaced was no where near the backside of the radio or glove box. I was just above the gas pedal to the right.
the one you have replaced was the mode door actuator, and one the good news side of this, the actuator you have removed is likely still good. I would install it in replacement of the one behind the radio to the lower right side and that will likely fix your problem. Keep in mind that the R&R procedure calls for removal of the dash but i have found that removing the radio and glovebox, and with the right tools , you can get the job done without the removal of the dash and withing half hour
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I think you are right. I replaced the wrong actuator. The one I replaced controlled which vents the air came out of and not the temperature of the air. The bad news is that I threw away the old actuator so Ill have to order a new one. But this time I know where the temperature actuator is. Thanks a lot for your help!!!

you are very welcome, if you have any more questions in the future feel free to ask. If it is convenient for you,please leave feedback, i review each post and it helps me better serve other