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I have a 1996 Ford Explorer. The dash lights are out for the

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I have a 1996 Ford Explorer. The dash lights are out for the gauges and speedometer. Only one quarter of the dash is lit at night. I know there must be tiny bulbs that need to be replaced. Is this a tough job? I don't see how I can do this from under the dash. It does't seem to be enough room to get your hand in. So I am wondering if you have to remove the plastic housing in front of the speedometer. Or is there another way?


The bulbs that have burned out are #194 bulbs. In order to replace them you need to remove the cluster from the dash. To do this you need to remove the lower plastic panel under the steering column and then the steel reinforcing panel next remove the two screw under the radio and partially pull this panel out , next remove the five 7 millimeter screws holding the panel that goes around the instrument cluster. After this panel is removed there are four screw holding the cluster in remove them and partially pull the cluster out to disconnect the two wiring connectors from it there is also the cable for the transmission gear indicator which will need to be disconnected, once all this is done you can remove the cluster and replace the bulbs. I believe there are six bulbs for the illumination.

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