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2004 Ford f150 FX4: is making a chattering/grinding noise..front end

Resolved Question:

I have a 2004 Ford f150 FX4 that is making a chattering/grinding noise. It seems like it is coming front end. It comes and goes at different speeds driving straight, not turning. It is more exagerated accelerating up a grade. If I put truck intoXXXXX noise goes away.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Earl replied 7 years ago.


The noise you are hearing is coming from the front wheel vacuum hubs. There is a TSB ( Technical Service Bulletin) regarding this condition and you will need to replace the solenoid mounted on the firewall near the battery. The new solenoid has a plastic cover over it to prevent the water from getting into it.

FORD:2004-2006 F-150
LINCOLN:2006 Mark LT


Some 2004-2006 F-150 and 2006 Mark LT 4X4 vehicles built before 4/24/2006 may exhibit a noise inXXXXXfrom the front Integrated Wheel Ends (IWE) and/or the 4X4 system being inoperative. The IWE solenoid may have ingested water and passed it to the IWE system causing water contamination in the vacuum portion of the system. A shorted IWE solenoid can set the codes C1979 and C1980. If either code is present, the 4WDH light will be inoperative.


Use the following Service Procedure to check and repair the 4X4 system.


  1. Replace the IWE solenoid. Torque the new design bracket and solenoid to 62 lb-in (7 N-m). It will be necessary to remove the vacuum lines from each IWE down at the wheels to check for water being present.
    1. If no water is present at the vacuum line at the IWE, install the new solenoid with bracket. Reconnect all vacuum hoses.
    2. If water is present allow it to drain from the vacuum lines. Then follow the updated procedure outlined in 2006 Workshop Manual (WSM) on-line version, Section 308-07A, Pin Point Tests B21 and B22. These tests checks IWE leak rates with vacuum and will remove any residual water from the IWE. Reconnect all vacuum hoses.
  2. If the IWE looses vacuum quicker than specification. Refer to WSM, Section 204-01B for normal diagnostic procedures.

6L3Z-9E441-A IWE Solenoid

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can you give me an estimite on how much it would cost at a dealer to do this. How difficult is it. I do not have a code reader. Turck does go intoXXXXX About how is solinoid?