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2009 Taurus: timing it will be steady..jumps..the Crankshaft Sensor

Resolved Question:

I have a 2009 Taurus X 40,000 mi and just got P0018 and P0021 errors. In watching the timing it will be steady, then go from +58deg to -60 deg. the engine seem to run ok during these jumps. Is the the Crankshaft Sensor, or the Camshaft sensor? and where are they located?

Gary Humphrey
W. columbia, SC
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  kevin replied 7 years ago.
Hi Gary, this most commonly caused by the variable cam timing selonoids which are located on the top of the valve covers, its normal for the timing to vary like this, first important thing to check is the oil level, if its just a little low it can affect the VCT selonoids, here is a bulliten to help you. Check to make sure your build date applies then proceed.


Some 2007-2009 Edge, MKX, MKZ, 2008-2009 Taurus, Taurus X, Sable, and 2009 Flex and MKS vehicles equipped with a 3.5L or 3.7L engine, may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on and one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0011, P0012, P0021, P0022. Vehicle may also exhibit rough idle or misses.


Follow the service procedure steps to correct this condition.


  1. Using IDS, verify DTCs.
  2. Verify vehicle build date on or before 12/15/2008.
    1. If the vehicle was built after 12/15/2008 do not continue this procedure, If the vehicle was built on or before 12/15/2008 proceed to Step 3.
  3. , verify correct oil pressure.
    1. If oil pressure is out of specification do not continue with this procedure
    2. If oil pressure is in specification proceed to Step 4.
  4. Use IDS scan tool to monitor parameter identifications (pids) VCTADV and VCTADV2. Replacement of the variable camshaft timing (VCT) housing is not necessary for either issue.
    1. If VCTADV/VCTADV2 pids remain constant at 0 degrees while driving; or at 40 degrees at idle and while driving; then replace only the affected VCT solenoid.
    2. If the VCT solenoid of the affected bank was not replaced. replace only the affected VCT phaser.

7T4Z-6A257-BKit C/SHT - Left Hand Side
8T4Z-6A257-BKit C/SHT - Right Hand Side
7T4Z-6M280-BSolenoid - VCT
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The Oil level is OK it was built 10/2008 and it is the 3.5L. The Error P0018 is for Bank 2 Sensor A. I think. I do not understand if I should replace the left, or right kit, or the Solenoid? please help. Also my scan tool will not read (pids), or I don't think it does ??





Expert:  kevin replied 7 years ago.
The code you have is for bank 2 which is the front head, if you have a generic obd 2 code reader then you wont be able to monitor those PIDs, the first thing I would do is clear the codes and drive the car, if its running good there might be a chance that the codes wont even come back, I have seen that happen before, in most cases its the VCT selonoid itself that goes bad but to properly diagnose this you will need the equipment, if it needed the kit it would be the left kit
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


After I cleared the codes, a P0021 popped right back into pending codes and the engine is idling a little rough. The Kits and the solenoid are not in any dealership here. I ordered them, kit =$245.45 solenoid = $98.32. In looking at the solenoid, it looks like it is pressed into the valve cover, and it looks like it can not be replaced. So I guess the kit contains a left or right valve cover with a way to replace the solenoid. Is this about right or am I completly wrong?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Also I forgot to ask you, since it will be a couple of days before the solenoid arrives, will it hurt the engine if it is driven?



Expert:  kevin replied 7 years ago.
No, it will be okay to drive, only if its running good
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