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93 ford: crown vic..the heater core are..blowing cold..check next

Customer Question

I have a 93 ford crown vic and I can't get the heat to work I have replace the thermostat and now the heater hoses going in and coming out of the heater core are warm but still the air is blowing cold.......what should I check next?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Scottdagoalie replied 7 years ago.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.


The problem is likely a faulty temperature blend door actuator.These are common components that fail and cause no heat issues.The actuator is located on top of the heater box behind the dash and will require dash removal to gain access to it to replaced it.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
how would I go about removing the dash is there a diagram somewhere that I can view to get a better idea of how I should remove it
Expert:  Scottdagoalie replied 7 years ago.

Here are some instructions that may help.


Temperature Blend Door Actuator



  1. Remove instrument panel assembly.
  1. Disconnect the electrical harness to the temperature controller on the control assembly, from the blend door actuator.
  1. Remove four screws and remove the blend door actuator from the plenum assembly.

Temperature Blend Door Actuator




Instrument Panel

Removal and Installation

  1. Position front wheels in the straight ahead position.
  1. Disconnect positive battery cable.
  1. Remove RH and LH mouldings from instrument panel by pulling away from instrument panel and snapping out of retainers.

Remove two bolts and reinforcement from under steering column


Pull up to unsnap upper finish panel and remove




Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis
ItemPart NumberDescription
1A N606675-S36B Bolt (5 Req'd)
2 11666 Light Switch Knob Assy
3 11649 Light Switch Bezel Assy
4 4304 Instrument Panel Assy
5 46B62 Instrument Panel Defroster Opening Grille Assy
6 4268 Instrument Panel RH Moulding Assy
7 44F08 Instrument Panel Steering Column Opening Cover Assy
8 4269 Instrument Panel LH Moulding Assy
9B N803876-S36B Screw (11 Req'd)
10 4608 Center Lower Instrument Panel Finish Panel Assy
A Tighten to 9-14 Nm (7-10 Lb-Ft)
B Tighten to 2.0-2.4 Nm (18-21 Lb-In)

  1. Remove ignition lock cylinder.
  1. Remove tilt lever.
  1. Remove upper and lower steering column shrouds.
  1. Disconnect wiring from steering column switches and PRNDL cable from column
  1. Remove four nuts retaining steering column to instrument panel and lower column on front seat. Cover front seat to protect from damage.
  1. Install lock cylinder to ensure that steering column shaft does not turn, to prevent air bag clockspring misalignment and damage.
  1. Open glove compartment door and depress tabs inward and lower glove compartment assembly toward floor.
  1. Through LH side of glove compartment opening, remove two bolts retaining instrument panel to dash panel brace
  1. Remove RH and LH cowl trim panels.



  1. Disconnect wires of main wire loom from engine compartment on both RH and LH sides. Disengage rubber grommets from dash panel then feed wire loom through hole in dash panel into passenger compartment.
  1. Disconnect wires from instrument panel at RH and LH cowl sides.
  1. Remove two lower bolts retaining instrument panel to A-pillar.
  1. Using steering column and glove compartment openings and by reaching under instrument panel, disconnect all electrical connections, vacuum hoses, demister hose, heater A/C vacuum lines and radio antenna.
  1. Close glove compartment door, support panel and remove five screws retaining top of instrument panel to cowl top and disconnect any remaining wires. Remove panel from vehicle.
  1. If instrument panel is being replaced, transfer all parts to the new panel.
  1. To install, reverse Removal procedure.
  1. Check air bag indicator operation.



ItemPart NumberDescription
1A N803876-S36 Screw (5 Req'd)
2 N802539-S100 Nut (5 Req'd)
3 - Brake Pedal Support
4 3F659 Brake Pedal Support to Steering Column Brace Assy
5 43A50 Instrument Panel to Cowl Top Brace Assy
6C N800510-S100 Bolt (1 Req'd)
7 N800854-S2 Spring Nut (1 Req'd)
8C N606675-S36 Bolt (2 Req'd)
9 - Nut
10B N802408-S2 Bolt (1 Req'd)
11 4304 Instrument Panel Assy
12B N806067-S2 Bolt (2 Reqd)
A Tighten to 2-2.9 Nm (18-25 Lb-In)
B Tighten to 22-34 Nm (17-25 Lb-Ft)
C Tighten to 9-14 Nm (7-10 Lb-Ft)