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2000 Ford Focus: Clunking noise..noise under..front end..drivers side

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2000 Ford Focus SE...120,338 miles
Clunking noise under front end..Sounds more like on driver's side when going over bumps. Not so much dips in the road. Just bumpy roads . Pushed down on front of car, seems fine.. Steers fine..Stays staight when I let go of wheel for a couple of seconds while driving..Steering is extremely responsive. Noise is very annoying. Just can't figure out what it is..Please help.
There could be a couple things that can cause a noise like that . I would visually inspect your stabilizer end links as they are common for failing, If they are not physically broken the noise could be coming from the end of the links the ball joint socket gets loose and clunks. With your mileage I am sure that your struts are worn and are due for replacement and there are some complete replacement options that will come as an assembly with springs, struts and the upper strut mounts (quick struts). I would do the stabilizer end links first and see if that takes care of it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Are these things that need to be fixed right away or can it wait a little?...I am a single mom on a very tight budget at the moment. Thanks
They could possibly wait, but you are the one who knows how severe the noise is. I would monitor it to see if it is increasing and if it does get worse you should have it repaired. Stabilizer links are a lot cheaper to fix first than the struts if you can take a step by step apporach on trying to eliminate the noise.
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