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1995 E350: ABS...The longer it sits the longer it seems to make it

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I have a 1995 E350 with ABS. The light will usually come on after about 30 minutes or so of driving. The longer it sits the longer it seems to make it come on. Higher temperatures and higher humidity seem to make it come on quicker also.

Any ideas what the probable culprit would be without having to put it on a machine?

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX i will do my best to help you.


more than likely its probably going to be the abs pump itself. its probably setting a code for a open circuit or such which usually happens with temperature. that the best guess without a code to tell you exactly what area to start in . the pump may not be working all the time BUT it will still test itself from time to time causing it to heat up. Lou

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This is on a class c motorhome. If I get on the interstate I can drive for 500 miles and it won't come on unless I hit the brakes. Heat, humidity, braking in a curve, and length of time it has been parked seem to have an effect on how long it is before it comes on.

Will the code reader tell exactly what it is, and if it is the pump could you give me an idea of what it may cost to have it fixed, and is this something I may be able to repair myself?

A motorhome should not be driven like a racecar and I don't feel I really need the ABS, but it is annoying and I would like to fix it if it is not too terribly expensive.
well the fault code is not designed to say exactly what is defective but it will definitly give you a great idea on the circuit or functions that are not operating properly. another thing that could affect it is loose wheel bearings. the more you drive the more they heat up and dont provide the best signal to the wheel speed sensors. as far as cost probably about 700$-1000$ if the module is not available seperate. most abs modules are bolted right onto the hydraulic unit(pump) and can be replaced seperatly but some are not. i dont really know for 100% if yours is . but abs only helps obviously in a quick stop so its totally your choice i guess whether you think you need it or not. hell my 2007 impala doesnt even have it you beleive that!!!!!!!. that was shocking to me. anywho, its at lease worth it to pay diag charge just to have the codes read and that will give you the best idea on where to go from there,Lou.
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