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2004 f250: 6.0 diesel..the water seperator mounted on the frame

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I have a 2004 f250 6.0 diesel. I need a picture of something of the water seperator mounted on the frame. My water light has been coming on and I have drained it twice and changed both filters today. The water light came right back on after I changed the filters. I notice a cable or something with a red end not plugged in anywhere. Could this be what is making the light come on? I could not figure out where it is suppose to be so I thought maybe if I saw a picture I could figure it out. It starts and one piece then splits and one is blue and is plugged into the fuel filter housing and the other is red and I have no idea where it goes. Can you help??

HiCustomerthis is lostrider, here is a diagram of the fuel/water separator, the concern your having is probly due to the sensor is sludged up, you can replace that sensor and clean the separator, the sensor can be purchased at your local Ford dealer, it comes with instructions on how to replace, but you will also have to have a can of brake cleaner to clean the separator, all you do is remove the sensor per the instruction sheet, remove the drain plug, take the brake cleaner and spray into the hole for the sensor and then into the drain hole, use the whole can to make sure you have all the sludge out, then reinstall the sensor per the instructions and then the drain plug, hope this helps.


That is the connector for the sensor.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I will give this a try. I still haven't figured out if that thing with a red end is suppose to be plugged into something or not. Whatever that is plugged in behing the senor is a cream color and it has another thing that looks just like but it has a red female end and is not plugged into anything its just hanging there.

How many plugs are plugged into your water/fuel separator 2 or 3?


Is this red plug part of the harness for the sensor?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
From looking at the 2nd picture. The main senor is plugged in and its black and round and plugged in right next to the drain plug. The fuel lines are hooked in. Behind the main senor that is black and round there is a cream colored kinda sqaure female ended plugged into a black round thing. The other plug on mine looks like is should be plugged in on the left side by looking at the picture?? There is nothing plugged into the left side like shown one the bottom third arrow. I looked at mine on my truck and there is nothing on that side of mine to plug anything into??? Otherwise mine looks just like the picture. Sorry I don't know the "proper terms" for this stuff.

Thank you for the reply, That picture is from an 2004, on the 2005 and up models they changed the manifold for the separator, the new manifold only uses the Water sensor and the fuel pump power connector, someone has changed the manifold for the separator on your truck and didn't replace the harness, its not gonna hurt anything, here is a diagram of the newer manifold assembly, you can see where the left sensor is gone now.


lostrider and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thnaks! That picture looks just like mine! I bought it new in 2004 but had it back several times during the 1st of 2005 because of the wiring harness they finally sent out a recall on later that year. The dealership may have changed it then, I think they pretty much changed everything before they got it right. So I should just tape it up and forget it, right? Thanks for all you help! If you ever move to a dealership in Knoxville, TN let me know thats where I will take it. You have helped me more than they every have face to face.
yea just tape it up, and thank you and your more than welcome, but dont see Knoxville in my near future. but thank you.