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no heat at idle 6.0 ford powerstroke!

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no heat at idle 6.0 ford powerstroke!
Hello, does the heat work if the rpm is raised?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes most of the time once in awhile iloose heat jst driveing down the road jus repced the water pump today
OK, I have seen only 2 times, the metal pipe that the heater hose hooks onto. The one that curves around the alternator and goes down to the timing cover near the water pump. Remove the pipe, and check to make sure the end of the pipe is not clogged with rust or other crud. I have seen them, with a rust chunk stuck in the end of the pipe, and cause no heat at idle. Let me know what you find. Disconnect it from the hose and remove it from the truck and flush it out with a garden hose. Thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
had that hose off today did not see anything. is there a blend door behind heater core that could be umm wavering open and close?
The temperature blend door motor actuator is located behind the glove box. It is on top of the heater box. There is a square in a circle that is the end of the shaft. You can watch this as you turn it from hot to cold to see if it moves. I have also seen a few times, the door inside the heater box break off the shaft where the actuator motor turns it. This allows the blend door to move around at will. If you remove the actuator, you can turn the door by hand from the spot where the actuator fits to check the door. Thanks
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