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Can you disable the anti theft on a 99 ford mustang GT

Customer Question

Can you disable the anti theft on a 99 ford mustang GT
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.
Does the anti- theft lamp flash rapidly when trying to start the car?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes. and the battery seems to run dead for no reason. one time i lost all power and it sat me on the side of the road till i could get jump, then i drove it to wal mart and the tach and all the gages were jumpin got to wal mart and the checked the battery said it was fine, shut the car off and it wouldnt start, put a battery in it and it ran
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.

So does it start now?And stay running?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no. still sitting at the shop that told me that the anti theft was whatever, he said it could be bypassed, talked to a ford dealership today said they could fix it for 1500, but didnt tell me what they were going to do
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.
I have never heard of being able to bypass the anti-theft. I don't think it is possible. However i have personally never tried. Did they tell you what codes they had ? Or did they give you any info on what component had failed ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no didnt really tell me anything. just that the anti theft was bad or was activated and needed to be bypassed. well the first thing that started to happen to the car was the battery started just dieing, like everything was fine driveing alt gage looks good, shut the car off, come back 20-45 mins later car was dead. so i went to wal mart where the battery was from, still under warrenty, they test it, say its fine, leave, get home shut the car off, come back in the morning, cars dead, then everything was fine or like a month, then i had the loss of power thing, where i was driveing down the road, started to lose power, pull the car over look at it, get back in get back on the road, got on it kinda hard, was gettin on the inter state, got to bout 80 then the car shut off, and i mean off. didnt have anything. got a jump bout 2 hours later, drove to walmart, with all the gages goin everywhere. left it runnin bout an hour as i waiting to get into the walmart to have them give me a new battery. got in there, they test the battery, alls well. with the car running, shut the car off didnt have anything. put a new battery in it, started and ran well for bout a week or two. then guit again. put a new fuel filter on it, ran till later that nite. got a full tank of gas in it, went to start it up and leave the gas station, wouldnt start. talked to a guy at the gas station, just some guy, told me bout this gas shut off swich in the trunk. pushed it, car started, drove bout 25 miles. shut the car off. went in the store, came back out bout an hour later, car wouldnt start back up. came back the next day with a car dolly, thought what the heck lets see if it starts, and it does, pull it on the dolly, pull it home the same 25 miles, took it off the dolly, drove it for bout 6 hours, shut the car off. and havent been able to get it goin since. then the mac. told me it was cause of the anti-theft. and was trying to find someone to reset or reprogram the comp or anti theft. but havent heard anything for bout 9 months. call the dealership today and they told me it would be 1500 bucks to fix it, but didnt tell me what they would be doing
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.

Sorry without testing the system with a scan tool i could not tell you the problem, usually the transceiver is the problem this is the reciever around the ignition lock cylinder that sends the signal to the computer that a programmed key is installed in the ignition and allows the engine to start. I will opt out and see if someone else has any ideas.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.