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2007 Ford Expedition: teh wrench warning light..accelerate..shifting

Customer Question

My wife's 2007 Ford Expedition recently had teh wrench warning light come on in her vehicle. Over the last 18 months the vehicle has felt as if it were dragging when you accelerate, and the rpm's would skyrocket as if it were stuck and then suddenly release during shifting. The local dealer is telling us that it is an issue related to the gas pedal and that they want to replace the gas pedal unit and not take the transmission apart to inspect it for damage. Is this correct?? Should we insist that they inspect the transmission? The vehicle has 56000k miles and is still under warranty for another 4000k miles.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  CTFordTech replied 7 years ago.

Hello and Thank you for choosing Just Answer.


The newer Expeditions, Navigators and F150 vehicles are known for the wrnech light to come on in the dash. What I have found with most all of them is a faulty Electronic Throttle Body or ETB. The internal electronics go bad and it will cause all kinds of driving and accelerating concerns. I beleive this is what your dealer is reffering to and I would agree with them. Hope this helps.