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2004 and up 4r70w. No third gear. oil pressure at the direct

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2004 and up 4r70w. No third gear. oil pressure at the direct tap is 0-5 up to 2nd gear, at third gear where I should have 50-75 psi I only have 15. I ovehauld two of the same problem it cam in with, no thid gear. I replaced the direct drum because it had stripped splines on them. One also had a broken 2-3 accumulator retainer. Retainer is installed correctlly and I always install a new shift solenoids. My life data shows me the solenoid is switching on and off correctly. What is the problem here? Also where is the TOT on these units?
Can you give me the VIN number to look up correct info?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, I am sorry the veciles, are in New Jersey and I am in Pa. The units come out of limos from 2004 and 2006. No one is there till Monday.
ok than is the lincoln a navigator or a town car?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Here are the possiblites for no 3 rd. I would look at the valve body and make sure the valves and balls are ok.


Shift Concerns: 2-3 Shift (Automatic)
Possible ComponentReference/Action
Powertrain Control System

· Electrical inputs/outputs, vehicle wiring harnesses, PCM, shift solenoids, OSS

· Carry out Self-Test. Refer to the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual for diagnosis and testing of the Powertrain Control System. Go To Pinpoint Test A or Go To Pinpoint Test E. Repair as required. Clear DTCs, road test and repeat Self-Test.

· Engine driveability concerns

· Refer to Routine 253.

Shift Linkage

· Damaged or incorrectly adjusted

· Inspect and repair as required. Verify transmission shift cable adjustment. Refer to Section 307-05. Adjust transmission shift cable as necessary. After repairing transmission shift cable, verify that the digital TR sensor is correctly adjusted. Adjust the digital TR sensor as necessary.

Incorrect Pressures

· Direct clutch pressure

· Check pressure at direct clutch tap; refer to Line Pressure Chart for specifications. If not OK, check the main controls.

Main Controls

· 2-3 shift valve, check ball No. 9 or No. 3, solenoid pressure regulator valve, damaged or assembled incorrectly

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Bolts not tightened to specifications

· Tighten bolts to specifications.

· Shift solenoid SSB malfunction

· Activate solenoid using scan tool. If solenoid operation cannot be felt when placing hand on solenoid, install a new solenoid. Inspect O-rings for damage. Repair as required.

· Gaskets damaged

· Inspect for damage and install a new gasket.

· Output shaft seals damaged or cup plug leaking or missing

· Inspect for damage and repair as required.

· 2-3 accumulator damaged or stuck

· Inspect piston seal and bore for damage. Repair as required.

· Solenoid screen (in main control) blocked or damaged

· Clean or install a new screen.

Intermediate One-Way Clutch Assembly

· Not overrunning or damaged

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

Output Shaft

· Seal rings damaged

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Cup plug damaged or missing

Direct Clutch Assembly

· Seals or piston damaged

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Friction elements worn or damaged

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Check ball not seating

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Return spring assembly damaged

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.


· Output shaft rear seals leaking or damaged

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required. Inspect case for damaged seal area. If damaged, install a new case.

2-3 Accumulator

· Damaged accumulator piston

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Springs damaged or broken

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

· Case bore scored

· Inspect for damage. Repair as required.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
On my sheet there is 3 different types of snap rings (thickness) for direct clutch. What is the outcome if I did not use the right size snap ring at the direct clutch. Would it be a no 3rd gear operation or just a delay in 3rd? Also where exactly is theTOT on this unit?
The wrong snap ring would result in a delay.If you are talking about the TFT trans fluid temp sensor than it is located in the internal harness that connects to the solinoids.You have to replace the harness if it is bad.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One more quetion then I can except your answer, website that I can buy a AODE/4R70W air check plate? I will accept your response but will let you know what happens Monday.


1-800- ROTUNDA


Air Test Plate, Transmission
307-246 (T92P-7006-A)

Tim and 3 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank-you sir! Wish me luck and I will keep you posted....
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thought I would give you an update. When I bought a new direct drum, I did not see the seal was not with the direct drum, the one at the bottom of the shaft. So that is my no 3rd gear problem in a nut shell, thanks for your help.....
thanks for the update