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Dan, Technician
Category: Ford
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my od light keeps flashing on my 2000 ford windstar

Resolved Question:

my od light keeps flashing on my 2000 ford windstar
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.
This means there is a problem related to the transmission control. You can bring it to your local parts store and have them connect a scantool to retrieve the diagnostic troubnle codes, with the codes they might be able to tell you the problem otherwise you can write it down and reply to this answer at anytime. With the code I can tell on common/possible problems, testing information, and repair instructions. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks
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Expert:  Dan replied 7 years ago.

Without the codes I cant tell you the problem for sure....I know of a common problem that causes this light to flash but that would be guessing without the code and I dont like to guess.....You didnt need to accept the answer and could have waited until checking the codes........I really dont think the negative feedback was appropriate. You could have even asked me what are some possible problems and I could have told you before you left me negative feedback.......Email [email protected] and request a refund.......then my negative feedback can be removed, you can get your $9 back, and you can continue to work on problem yourself. Let me know......I am really sorry that you were not happy with my advice but it could be so many different problems that I didnt want to guess, it would just be wasting both of our time. Once you get the diagnostic code I will be happy to continue with follow-up answers to get the problem resolved. I really hope you will reconsider the negative feedback and if you decide that I really didnt deserve it and did in fact give you the correct answer even though you would have liked to hear something more specific......I certainly understand wanting to know a specific problem but it is just not possible and my feedback is my reputation which is more important then anything.....If you do decide the negative feedback was not deserved you can email the above email address to request them to have feedback removed. I am only trying to help you, the $4.50 I receive is not important to me........Sorry again and let me know if you have questions or when you get the trouble code. Thanks


Code Description

P0711 No Change In TFT Sensor Signal During Operation - With Automatic Transmission

P0713 TFT Sensor Circuit High Voltage - With Automatic Transmission

P1710 TFT Sensor In-Range Circuit Malfunction - With Automatic Transmission

P1712 TFT Sensor Circuit Low Input (Self Test) - With Automatic Transmission

P0218 Transmission Fluid Over-Temperature - With Automatic Transmission

P0731 Incorrect First Gear Ratio - With Automatic Transmission

P0732 Incorrect Second Gear Ratio - With Automatic Transmission

P0733 Incorrect Third Gear Ratio - With Automatic Transmission

P0734 Incorrect Fourth Gear Ratio - With Automatic Transmission

P0735 Incorrect Fifth Gear Ratio - With Automatic Transmission

P0781 1 to 2 Shift Error - With Automatic Transmission

P0782 2 to 3 Shift Error - With Automatic Transmission

P0783 3 to 4 Shift Error - With Automatic Transmission

P0784 4 to 5 Shift Error - With Automatic Transmission

Edited by Dan on 12/27/2009 at 4:56 AM EST