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94 ford ranger: 2.3l..rough..icm with my test light and two wires..dim

Customer Question

I was working on a 94 ford reanger 2.3l that was runnig rough and had a code 222 no signal to right side coil, i check for sprk and had none so i replaced the icm and now i have no spark from either coil so the i put the old icm on and still no spark from either coil, so then i probed the wires on top of the icm with my test light and two wires where bright and the other three where dim. I have no idea what happend
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Ford expert replied 7 years ago.
Tests/Procedures:1. Install a standard 12-volt test light between battery positive and the Tan/White (T/W) wire of the exhaust side (rear) coil pack.

2. Start the engine and observe the test light for an illuminated flash to see if the Ignition Control Module (ICM) is triggering the circuit or not.

3. If there is no illuminated flicker of the test light, disconnect the bottom connector of the ICM and check for battery voltage on the T/W wire with the key in the Run position and the exhaust side coil pack connected.

4. If battery voltage is present at the ICM connection, replace the ICM.
Potential Causes:Coil Pack
Coil Pack Circuit
Coil Pack Connector
Ignition Control Module (ICM)
Ignition Control Unit (ICM) Connection
Tech Tips:The exhaust side coil pack triggers when the engine is cranking. Once the engine is running above 400 RPM, the PCM engages the intake side coil pack to trigger spark. The engine may not have any driveability symptoms other than a potential hard start condition because the intake side coil pack can still trigger if the exhaust side coil pack doesn't trigger a particular pair of partner cylinders.