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2002 f150: shudder..transmission torque converter..overdrive

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i have been having some shudder problems. 2002 f150 and took to a transmission shop they told me it was my torque converter wich is the problem. after a full night of replacing the torque converter it still has the same shudder at slow speeds with any load it shudders and mainly in overdrive. I stomp on the gas and no problems only driving in traffic will it do it my slight pressure on the pedal.

Hello Fordbubba


I'm Chris, Thanks for allowing me to help you here on Just Answer.


  • Does this shudder and or vibration feel like your driving over the rumble strips on the side of the interstate or does it feel like a child in a car seat sitting behind you kicking your seat back every now and then?
  • IF you drive 55mph on level ground maintaining light throttle pressure and hit the OD button every 10 seconds does it shudder while shifting?
  • How many miles are on this truck?
  • Whoever said the converter was faulty, did they declare this with a test drive and feel or with a scan tool actually watching all the sensors.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

when i took it to the transmission shop they test drove it and said that it was the torque converter.


The vehicle has 153 k miles


the sudder seems to be like both what you said but it is not very long when it does it for about 2 seconds.. the motor doesnt rev up while doing this.


Never tried shifting every 10 seconds but i have noticed today that it will not do it when it is not in overdrive cause of the rpms and i tried to make it do it today with negative results. Seems to be only in overdrive

Does it feel more like #1 or #2


Running well =W

Running with this concern =C


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

OK at this time I fel like your not feeling a torque converter shudder. I believe its a slight engine miss under certain loads being a coil and or plug not at 100%.


The easiest way to get a misfire is to go about 45mph up a slight grade and gradually apply alittle more throttle and you feel intermitent jerks.


The easiest way to get a converter shudder is to do 55mph and cruise on flat ground. Start pressing down o nthe throttle little by little. You should notice the rpms pop up about 500 when the converter clutch disengages. If it pops up more than this then the converter disengaged and it shifted to 3rd. The converter also applies in 3rd. When a converter applies you will notice the rpms steady out then drop about 300 and it feels kind of like when you press the gas your not accelerating as much as it feels like when going under 45 mph.


Now that you know how to determine which it is and how they operate you can better determine which is the fault here. A newconverter should have fixed a converter shudder and at the least made it better or different. A dealer IDS scan tool will pick up a misfire in about 1 mile of driving as would it be able to monitor a converter and see if its shuddering on engage or disengage.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The easiest way to get a misfire is to go about 45mph up a slight grade and gradually apply alittle more throttle and you feel intermitent jerks. YES Did this today and that is what happends. It only happends when engine is hot. and only when i slightly slowly apply the gas and then it will do it and then go away once more gas is applied. Now if it was a misfire wouldnt it throw a code up that i could retrieve with a OBDII detector???
You will only get a check engine light on or a code stored when the computer senses the fault to cause poor emissions. So pretty much this means it has to happen alot. If you can get tit to do this and do it bad over a period of time as long as possible it will eventually store a code. I am sure you already know but the OD light will also flash when the computer sees a trans concern like with the torque converter. If you can get your hands on a scan tool which can do a power balance test showing all the cylinders contributing on a bar graph then you would see if this is a misfire.
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