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After change the front hub assembly ABS sensor included my

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After change the front hub assembly ABS sensor included my ABS light comes on after driving for 10min and stays on. i notice as soon as i start to drive the brake pulses as if the 2003 ford explorer is sliding when its dry then the light comes on and stays on and the brakes no longer pulses but works fine. Is there a problem with the new hubs and sensor or does the computer need to be reset to adjust to the new parts?
good morning and thank you for choosing JustAnswer. There is no nessecary procedure to reset the module after replacing parts. You should of course clear any codes set during the fault, after the repair has been done, but since the light came on after driving, this indicates there is still a fault with one of the ABS components. Since the light came on after replacing the one side hub/sensor assembly, i am willing to bet the other side hub is setting the code. This is very common on this model as well as the previous model explorers when a hub is replaced. The new hub's signal is a lot stronger then the old worn hub, which causes a difference in the signal that the ABS module recieves causing it to think there is a fault. This is the reason why in the shop we replace both hubs at the same time, due to the fact of signal strength differences that cause the module to observe the difference between the signals to be beyond the allowable threshold and sets a code and turns the light on. I would suggest having the ABS module scanned for codes and likely you will see that the other side hub is the component that set the code. If you do not have access to the appropriate scanner, or do not wish to pay the dealer to scan it for you (if they will not perform it as a courtesy) then i would suggest replacing the other side hub. These models have had a common concern with the rear axle speed sensor failing,but since the fualt did not occur untill you had replaced the hub ,it is most likely due to the signal mismatch from the other hub
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Both front wheel hub/sensor assembly was replaced along with the front drive axle and tie rod ends. Will this still cause a signal mismatch with the rear sensors, maybe? The truck drives fines when i first start out about half a mile i start noticing the pulsation then the light comes on, then the brakes feel fine. When i start in the morning light is not on until i drive for a few minutes then it comes on an stay on until the next shutdown and restart.

the issue with signal mismatch is just limited to the front hubs when a new hub is installed one side while the other side retains it old hub, since you have replaced both front hubs i tend to believe it is not the fronts at fault. Though the ABS module should be scanned for codes as it could be possibly one of the new hubs could be at fault and the code will identify the component that set the fault. Checking the dtc code is always the first step in diagnosis as to identify the component at fault and to begin testing in the proper location. Since these vehicles are notorious for the rear axle sensor going bad, you could replace it to see if this corrects your fault, as these sensors are no more than $30 and every explorer will eventually need the updated sensor, if this is your fault you will have corrected it, if not then you have prevented a future fault from the rear axle sensor. Again, i highly advise you to have the system scanned for codes so it will identify which component set the code as it is possible that one of the new hubs could have failed already and set the code, or it could in fact be the rear axle sensor, it is hard to tell without knowing the dtc. If you wish you can replace the rear axle sensor and re-drive the vehicle, if this does not correct it then i would definately have the system scanned to determine the fault before you start 'taking stabs in the dark'

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Great advice thank you. I will replace the Rear sensor especially since its a known issue (its cheaper than a scan at a dealer or shop) if i continue to get the ABS light on the dash after that when i start to drive then i'll have it scanned and submit the code for further advice.


Also, front differential locking up on and off hard turns (U-Turns) or driving on grass or slightly rough grounds. Can you help or is that a new thread?

the differential locking up could be related to to the ABS concern as the 4x4 module monitors wheel speed signals to compare all 4 wheels for slippage. I would suggest resolving the ABS concern first and then drive the vehicle to see if the 4x4 concern is still present. If you are satisfied with my answer, and it isn't an inconvenience for you, after ACCEPTing my answer if you would kindly leave positive feedback on your experience with me assisting you, it would be greatly appreciated and helps me serve inquiries better
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