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Experience:  Ford Senior Master, Diesel Certified, electrical, powertrain, heating and a/c. 18 years experience.
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My Ford F250 is running very sluggish. I have changed the

Customer Question

My Ford F250 is running very sluggish. I have changed the stock fuel filter and it still has very bad acceleration and power loss. The specs are 1999 Ford F250 7.3l Powerstroke Turbo.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  AutoDoc replied 7 years ago.
Hello jnicholson 1437. What do you mean by stock fuel filter? Is it the original fuel filter? Or did you replace the cap and filter with an aftermarket one that comes with the cap? Have you checked the air filter? Do you have a way of measuring the boost? When does this occur?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

By stock filter I mean the fuel filter thats in the engine. There is no aftermarket fuel filter. I will check the air filter again, and no I dont have any way to measure the boost. How do you suggest I do that.


Okay so when I start the engine it idles good and runs smooth. But when I put the truck in drive and give it gas it ramps up to speed very slowly. It doesnt seem to want to shift on its own, I have to let off the gas for it to go to the next gear. I can get the truck up to speeds of 70 mph or more but very slowly.

Expert:  AutoDoc replied 7 years ago.
If you leave it in park and rev it does it rev up fast? When you are accelerating can you hear the turbo spooling up? It really sounds like the turbo is not making any boost. You would really need to find a way to monitor boost. Either through the use of a scan tool that can monitor sensors, or a mechanical boost guage attached in line to the MAP sensor.(Hose that goes from the sensor on the A/C box to the engine). Without that, we can't proceed with the diagnosis.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
When I put it in park and rev it, it does rev up fast. Not sure I hear the turbo spooling. I did have the a mechanic attach a pressure guage to the fuel filter and its only reading about 30 psi and lower. The fuel pump is literally days old and is pumping fine. I can hear it running. I changed the poppet valve in the fuel filter which regulates the fuel pressure and still have no acceleration.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have replaced the fuel pump. Actually upgraded to a FASS Fuel pump and have a reading of 80psi of fuel pressure on the rail, so I know I am getting enough pressure before the fuel filter bowl.


The truck runs only if I hold the gas pedal in and it will rev all the way up to 3000 rpm and the turbo kicks in as well. It will not idle smoothly all the time. Sometimes it does for a couple minutes and then it starts to rev up and then bucks and shakes and dies.


I have tried driving it and it is very slow to get up to speed. It accelerates very slowly, even with the pedal to the floor. It shifts very rough as well and often I have to let off the gas to get it to shift at all.


I have tried preplacing the fuel pressure regulator and it didnt seem to change its behavior. I did find that a previous fuel filter change went bad as the mechanic left the bottom of an old fuel filter inside by accident. That ruined my heater element and broke the filter bowl drain valve o-ring. I replaced the heater element in the fuel bowl as well as the o-ring.


I have no idea what to do next. There is a fuse on my battery on the driver side that is 5 amps and keeps blowing. Not even sure what it goes to.


What are the symptoms of a bad injector pressure regulator (IPR) ? Could that be it?