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99 ford explorer sport: clutch pedal..loose..engage my clutch

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i have a 99 ford explorer sport, what does it mean if the clutch pedal all of a sudden went loose and i could not engage my clutch?
The slave cylinder could have went bad inside the bell housing of the tranny or the clutch master cylinder on the firewall could have failed, does the fliud leak out after you fill it
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it is not leaking any fluids, it was almost full when i put some in the reservoir. I notice when i put it into gear while the car is off then turn it on it will move with no problem i just cant get it in to another gear or outof that gear. when i push the pedal down it wont engage the clutch til it is almost touching the ground
Its most likely the slave cylinder in the trans, if there arent any leaks then the cylinder failed internally, seals not holding hydraulic pressure, this can be the case with the clucth master cylinder on the firewall also, we ussually service both or these parts at the same time because if you replace the cylinder on the firewall the you have to bleed the system down at the cylinder in the trans and the bleeder valves usaully snaps off
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

my question is if the slave cylinder and the master cylinder are both holding pressure could it be that its just the clutch needing to be adjusted? oh and one more thing would a weinding noise from the clutch have anything to do with it?

Hydraulic clutches arent really adjustible, it could possibly need a clutch, there is a throw out bearing on the clutch slave cylinder that could possibly cause a whine but there was a technical service bulliten about those clutches making a noise, that was the only symptom though, there arent any adjustment procedures
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
last thing i swear . the master cylinder for clutch can it cause the clutch pedal to lose its pressure ..? Thanks
Yes, it has a plunger inside that can wear out allowing fluid to pass by it causing it to loose pressure, feel free to ask me for as much info as you want, its not a bother, thats what we are here for
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok thanks will it still show that the fluids in the reservoire were normal and should there be any bubbles or anything when you push the clutch in? and is it possable to bleed the clutch?

Some bubbles in the resorvior is normal, the fluid will stay full if either of the cylinders are damaged internally, one more thing I forgot to ask you was did you check the linkage arm that comes off the clutch pedal and goes to the firewall.Some clutch conditions may be attributed to a misadjusted clutch pedal height, linkage, or shift mechanism.