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1996 F150: service manual..various models, says

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1996 F150 4.9L 5 speed transmission removal question.
Following a service manual that covers various models, I'm at the point removing the transmission rear support crossmember. My service book says to remove the gussets. Problem with this is that the upper bolts are between the body and the frame and there isn't enough space for the bolts to come out, so how do you remove the gussets, and is this really necessary. I have the transmission on a jack, all trans-to-engine bolts have been removed, shifter is removed, starter, transfer case, slave lines, signal connectors, all disconnected, so this should be my last step ... it's just not making any sense. Book also says to jack the transmission high enough to remove the mount that goes between the transmission and the crossmember. That would mean jacking it up a couple inches and I'm thinking that's putting some strain or stress on the trans-to-engine connections. Need some immediate help.



Thanks for using Just Answer, below are the instructions on how to remove transmission, hope this helps you out.





  1. Shift the transmission into neutral.

  2. Disconnect battery ground cable from battery terminal.

  3. Remove the retainer screws from gearshift lever boot and slide the gearshift lever boot up the shaft of gearshift lever and housing.

  4. Remove the retaining bolt lock nut and remove the retaining bolt from gearshift lever and housing by placing lock nut on opposite end of bolt and tightening to loosen the bolt. Remove the gearshift lever and housing.

  5. Raise the vehicle on a hoist and position safety stands under the vehicle.

  6. Disconnect the connector for the backup lamp switch located at the top left hand side of the transmission.

  7. NOTE: Drain transmission only if disassembly is required.

  8. Place drain pan under transmission. Remove the transmission case plug and drain the oil from the transmission.

  9. Position a transmission jack such as Rotunda High Lift Transmission Jack or equivalent under the transmission.

  10. Remove the driveshaft. (CLICK HERE FOR FRONT), and (CLICK HERE FOR REAR).

  11. Disconnect the clutch hydraulic line. (Click Here for Instructions).

  12. Remove the rear engine support insulator. Remove the crossmember.

  13. Remove the bolts that retain the transmission to the engine.

  14. Move the transmission to the rear until the input shaft clears the case .

  15. Lower the transmission from the vehicle.

  16. Tranfer case removal instructions click here.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Appreciate the reply and procedure but it didn't address my question. I have the procedure, service manual, pictures, etc. My only problem is the removal of the crossmember supporting the transmission. Book says to remove the gussets. I don't see how I can do that when the upper bolts securing the gussets are between the frame and body. I can remove the nuts, but can't remove the bolts. I must not be understaning something. I've got only an hour or two left before I have to shut down for the day so I have to get back under the truck. If I can't figure this out I'll check back ... but my only problem, as I stated in my original question was the removal of the crossmember and gussets. Will check back later.



You will have to use either a large pry bar between the body and the frame, and you will actually have to bend the floorpan a little to make room. Although you can loosen the uppers enough, to slide lower larger section out ward, by pushing forward on the right and rear ward on the left side.




Edited by Shawn on 12/1/2009 at 9:38 PM EST
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Just came in for a water break and saw your message. Your suggestion makes sense. I'll try to slip the crossmember out from under the gussets once I get them loose before I resort to the pry bar. Having a tough time just getting the 1/2" mount bolts off the mount as they havent been touched in 13 years, so the gusset nuts are really going to be challenging. Sounds like you've done this before. Will accept your answer with much thanks.
Thanks for the accept also use a large hammer to persuade the crossmember movement.