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Ford f150: it starts by itself and the heater kicks on..starter

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My Ford f150 2003 5.4 lter when i put the key in the ingution it starts on its own and it starts by itself and the heater kicks on . when the truck is running the starter ingages by its self i just replaced the starter and sloniod and didnt help!
Do you have any alarm systems or auto start systems installed ? Lets make sure i understand the concern here. WHen the put the ignition key in the truck starts with out you turning the key ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there is a alarm system its factory alarm and yes just as i put the key in it starts and keeps starting off and on

We need to isolate the problem. To do this you are going to need to have the autostart unhooked from the ignition and starting circuits in order to determine if the autostart is the problem . I am not suggesting removing a fuse i mean unplug the wires where they plug into the ignition on the steering column. It is also possible you have a fuse panel that has had water intrusion and shorting internally to power , water is known to enter the cabin on your model from poor windshield sealing. Either of these could be the fault so this is why isolating is neccessary.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes we had water coming in and it would only do this afer it rained so we have to replace the fuse panel?
That would be very likely then, i would still unhook the to autostart as the control module for it lives in the same general area it may have gotten water damaged also. THere is also another module the GEM that is bolted on top of the fusepanel that the water usually runs on top of then into the fuse panel that needs replaced as well. Dont forget to get the windsheild resealed or this will happpen again.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
sorry to bother again you have been very helpful we were about to trade off the truck we thought it was gone do we have to replace the modules or can they just be dried out?
The damage is done ! The water has caused corrosion internally and there is no way to take it apart and clean it, however if the problem for sure goes away when it is not raining out you could try removing and drying it. It may be worth a shot. Removing the fuse panel is a little tricky as you will see, after removing the two bolts and nuts on the front through the fuse panel access cover , you will then need to unhook two large square connectors from the fuse panel they each have a 10 mm bolt that holds them in once the bolts are unscrewed you can unplug the connectors. From here i cannot explain much but you have to hold your tongue just right and lower the fuse panel down far enough to access three connectors on the side of the GEM module and unplug them then the assembly can be removed. NOTE use caution the metal edges of the dash are razor sharp and will cut deep and quick. Thankyou
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