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2006 F350 diesel 6.0 wont start because ICP pressure is about

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2006 F350 diesel 6.0 won't start because ICP pressure is about 200 psi instead of the 500 psi needed to start. I removed the high pressure oil pump and did an air pressure test in the oil maifold and did not hear an air leak in either valve cover, which leads me to believe that the high pres. oil pump is bad, is this common? how do I test this oil pump on a bench? what is your assesment of this?
HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.

There is no way to bench test this pump. the only way to test it is on the vehicle but your problem sounds intermittent. How did the IPR screen look when you removed it? was there any metal contamination? And your best bet would be to remove both valve covers and inspect the injector sealing D-rings. Inspect the plugs in each injector rails in the opposite positions of each stand-pipe. look at each o-ring on the plugs and the stand-pipes. The plugs have had a very bad problem of deteriorating and making an intermittent concern. also the injector d-rings can do the same. if not problems are found there or with the IPR i can send instructions on how to test the pump on vehicle. but you having adequate oil pressure cold tells me that you do in fact have a leak. the oil being thicker cold is having a harder time leaking past then.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thankyou for the good information.... the IPR had a small amount of tiny metal chips but the screen was mostly clear. the truck did have an intermittant problem BUT the problem is now there all the time. It must be an oil leak under the valve covers.. I will look at the areas you described. How do I test the oil pump on the engine?
You will need a few special tools. do you think your local ford store service manager wold let you borrow a couple tools for a few hours?
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Thank you for the accept! Will you be able to get any dealer special tools? I can send you the procedure. Please let me know. this question will stay open for a ew more days. i can still help.