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91 F250: new battery backwards..positive cable..wont start

Resolved Question:

I a moron and carelessly installed a new battery backwards in my 91 F250. The positive cable sparked a few times and started smoking. I re-installed it correctly and it won't start and the radio comes on but the speakers don't work, however when I turn the key in the ignition a popping noise comes from the speakers. Otherwise everything else seems to work fine. Did I completely fry something? Any help is much appreciated.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.
The smoke was likley the fusible links near the starter relay that smoked, you will need to replace them first. Then you can continue to see what else took a hit, this could be just a little or alot just depends there is no way to tell until you replace the links. Note they are color coded and need the same color and guage reinstalled. This is where you need to start, and dont worry your not the first person to have done this. Good luck
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the answer. Are the fusible links what is attached to the sidewall and what the positive terminal connects to? The sidewall area is where the smoke originated from. Can you describe what this particular fusible link looks like? Do you have any tips for replacing these fusible links?

Expert:  RJ replied 7 years ago.
ON the starter relay on the power side where the positive cable connects to the relay is the also where the fusible links are attached. They are (were ) probly grey or green in color and have eyelets attached to the starter solenoid.
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