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1991 Ford Explorer: a front passenger door handle..door lock..assembly

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How do i remove a front passenger door handle and it trim panel (power door lock and window system also) on a 1991 Ford Explorer? It is a plastic assembly with 2 Philips screws behind the handle. My original one is broken. Thanks.




Thanks for using Just Answer, below are the instructions for the door panel removal, hope this helps you out.



Front Door Trim Panel, Explorer



  1. Remove the two screws retaining the door trim panel located above the door handle. Also remove one screw in the upper front portion of door trim panel.
  2. Remove trim cut at the door handle using a screwdriver or sharp object. Retention nibs will flex for easy removal.
  3. To remove power window door lock and mirror control plate, use notch located at lower end of plate using a screwdriver to lift and remove.
  4. Remove plate from door trim panel pulling wire harness from inside of panel.
  5. From bottom of plate, remove two screws and disconnect connector from switches; then flex finger on power mirror switch connector to disconnect.
  6. At each plastic clip location, pry the door trim panel away from the door inner panel using the door trim panel removing tool from Rotunda Moulding Trim Kit 107-00401 or equivalent.
  7. When wiring and disengagement of trim clips is completed, it is recommended that to remove panel, lift slightly to remove flange at the top of door trim panel from trough in the glass weatherstrip. Pay special attention to the cut-out in the door trim panel for the door handle, so that it clears the handle during removal without breakage.

    NOTE: Do not pull on the trim panel to remove clips from the inner panel holes.

  8. Disconnect socket and bulb from illuminated courtesy lamp before total removal of panel.








  1. Replace any bent, damaged or missing plastic clips on the door trim panel to the door inner panel, firmly loading clips into slots provided on door trim panel.
  2. Hold door trim panel while installing socket and bulb to illuminated courtesy lamp.
  3. Load door trim panel to door assembly by first loading flange at top of door trim panel into trough in door glass weatherstrip. Align plastic clips to holes in door inner panel and top panel slightly to engage clips.

    NOTE: Be cautious while loading panel over door handle.

  4. Connect the power window and door lock control switch to the connector on the wire harness. Reinstall two screws and snap connector on harness to power mirror control switch.
  5. Reinstall power control switch plate into the opening provided, loading control switch at front edge first. Then, feeding clip in slot at rear edge, apply pressure to engage clip.
  6. Reinstall trim cup at door handle applying pressure to snap retention nibs into door trim panel.
  7. Reinstall two screws retaining door trim panel located above the door handle. Also reinstall one screw in the upper front portion of door trim panel.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I would like to think this is the right way to do it. It looks reasonable to do. I don't need to remove the whole door upholstery as I see it. Correct? I appreciate your help. Thanks.





Yes, you are welcome the directions are directly from Ford, if I have been helpful please don't forget to click on the GREEN ACCEPT button, so that I may get credit for my work, and if you have more questions, just ask.









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