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p1538 Intake Manifold Runner control (Bank 2) stuck open on

Resolved Question:

p1538 Intake Manifold Runner control (Bank 2) stuck open on a 1997 F150 4.2 Cycl What is the repair range for this problem?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Chuck replied 7 years ago.

This would really depend on exactly what the problem is. See your intake manifold is like 2 intakes in one. You have long runners for torque and low end power and short runners for high end power above 3000 rpm's. There are runner plates that open and close that direct the air flow into the engine either thru the long runners or short runners. This is controlled by a vacuum control solenoid which is turned on and off by the PCM(power train control module) Here is a pic of the system



ItemPart NumberDescription
1 9J472 EGR Vacuum Regulator Bracket
2 9F715 Idle Air Control Valve
3 9F670 Idle Air Control Gasket
4 9728 Accelerator Cable Bracket
5 12029 Ignition Coil
6 9H486 Intake Manifold Upper Gasket
7 12A648 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
8 9S514 Vacuum Control (RH)
9 9S514 Vacuum Control (LH)
10 9441 Intake Manifold Gasket (LH)
11 9A424 Intake Manifold Seal Rear
12 6010 Cylinder Blocks
13 9B339 Oil Pressure Sender Fitting
14 9278 Oil Pressure Sensor
15 9A424 Intake Manifold Seal Front
16 9439 Intake Manifold Gasket (RH)
17 9J447 Intake Manifold (Lower)
18 8A570 Water Thermostat
19 8594 Water Outlet Connection
20 9D460 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
21 10884 Water Temperature Indicator Sender Unit
22 9424 Intake Manifold (Upper)
23 9E936 Throttle Body Gasket
24 9E926 Throttle Body


See no. 8 and 9 in the above pic,these are the vacuum solenoids.



Now it could be something as simple as the clips that hold the arms from the solenoids to the intake broken or just a bad vacuum solenoid itself which is usually the problem.

Here is a closer pic of them




See no.1 in this pic


This would run most likely $200 to $300 if you had it done at a repair shop.

It could also be the plates stuck in the intake which you may be able to spray some WD40 on and loosen up by hand.

Worst case could be intake or PCM which could run up to $1000 or more.

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