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2006 ford ranger: the rear drum brakes..assembly..springs

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We are trying to replace the rear drum brakes on a 2006 ford ranger. We have the 1st side (did one at a time) brake assembly back on but can't get the drum back on. We also cannot get the shoe together at the top once we get the springs in place. Might be able to with a good bit of force but it shouldn't require beating it into place. We have triple checked the parts but that doesn't seem to be the problem.We have looked at the other side and it looks like everything is as it should be. What the heck could we have done wrong? Any idea of what we might check for error?

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first i would suggest double checking the upper spring orientations, as well as the mating surface of the shoes to the pivot and compare then to the other side, they should all sit flush. Next, since the new shoes have new lining and assembled they will be wider than the old worn ones, make sure you back off and spin in the adjusters completely after replacing the shoes to compensate for the new lining. Once screwed back in, install the drum and with the palms of your hands, budge the drum back and forth on left and right sides to center the shoes and remove the drum, then adjust the adjuster about 3 clicks at a time and reinstall the drum, if there is no light drag on the drum, remove it and readjust another 3 clicks, reinstall the drum and recheck the drag, repeat as nessecary untill you reach a light drag, then back the adjuster off 1 click.




ItemPart NumberDescription
12200Brake shoes and linings (2 required)
2- Washer (part of 2A637 RH/ 2A638 LH)
3- Parking brake lever pin retainer (part of 2A637 RH/ 2A638 LH)
4- Brake shoe guide plate (part of 2296)
5- Primary brake shoe retracting spring (part of 2296)
62C077Parking brake strut
7- Parking brake strut spring (part of 2296)
8- Brake shoe adjusting screw spring (part of 2296)
92041Brake shoe adjusting screw
10- Cable guide (part of 2A176 RH/ 2A177 LH)
11- Brake shoe adjusting lever cable (part of 2A176 RH/ 2A177 LH)
12- Secondary brake shoe retracting spring (part of 2296)
13- Brake shoe hold-down spring (part of 2296)
14- Brake shoe adjusting lever cable spring (part of 2A176 RH/ 2A177 LH)
15- Adjusting lever return spring (part of 2A176 RH/ 2A177 LH)
16- Brake shoe adjusting lever (part of 2A176 RH/ 2A177 LH)
17- Brake shoe hold-down spring pin (2 required) (part of 2296)




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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
All of the installation springs seem to be correct. The whole brake assembly is cocked towards the right and top of the backing plate... not centered...more to front. Probably close to an 1" on left side of backing plate and maybe 1/4" on the front (or right) side of backing plate. The drum will start to go on but the brake assembly being to far to the right causes holes in drum not to line up correctly. Trying to shift whole brake assemby doesn't help. It just keeps popping back to where it was.

A) is the adjuster spun in all the way to compensate for the new lining?

B) Also, are you sure that the new shoe is same size, holding the old shoe against the new shoe resulting in same dimensions?

Also double check to make sure the shoe didn't slip past the 'land' on the backing plate causing it to recede down a little in the ridge of the backing plate.

If possible, please upload an image of the brake assembly for me to review

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
A.) Yes
B.) Yes, after the 2nd trip to the parts store.
C.) Slippage? Not that we can tell.

Is the diagram you sent for the drivers? We are working on pass. side.graphicgraphicgraphicgraphic
yes ,the diagram is of the left side, but it was the only image available, and i was trying to find some reference material for you that might help identify the proper location of all components. Thank you for the images, i am almost certain that the parking brake is partially engaged, caused by siezed or binding parking brake cables. Try to tap back the lever behind the shoe that hooks to the cable, it should move back a bit, if not the cable might be seized. You couls also try disassembling the brakes again to gain access and force the cable back. Also inspect the 2 rear cables where they meet at the fron cable to inspect for any seized locations.
Ford snr master and 3 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
it seems common sense so i didn't ask, but please make sure the wheel cylinders aren't seized in place. Also ensure the steel rod between the shoes has the recessed end in the correct side, one side has a recess the other is straight cut

Edited by Ford snr master on 10/27/2009 at 11:12 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is it okay to use any type of lubricant when trying to break the cable loose, if that is the problem? Would the problem with the cables be where they cross the rear axle pumpkin or would it be directly coming out of the backing plate?
All this hard work! At least you don't need to scrub up when your done! :)
believe me sir , i do. lol I do this at the dealer day in day out, past 11 years. As for luvbricant..... i wouldn't use it,..technically speaking. Lubricant is different than penetrant. You would want penetrating oil to free up the rust and the cables, penetrant would not free it up nearly as good as penetrant. Out of all of the supplies out there, PB Blaster has by far been the best. Most likely you will have seized parking brake cables , though please check the orientation of the parking brake strut, item 6 in the image, as this needs to be installed with the recess in the proper location.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We will double check everything and have PB Blaster here. I guess if you are still at a dealership you are fortunate. We have watched the smaller dealerships closing... one after another. Thanks for all of your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yoy are very welcome, if you have any further questions or need any assistance, please feel free to ask