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I have a 1996 ford e-150 conversion van. the cables that open

Customer Question

I have a 1996 ford e-150 conversion van. the cables that open the main side door have broken where they attach to the levers. Is there a diagrahm that shows how they are attached and are there more parts to these cables, than just the cables. I can see where they attach on one end, but I can't see how they are attached on the other end.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Chuck replied 7 years ago.
Is yours the 2 side cargo doors or a single sliding door
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Expert:  Chuck replied 7 years ago.

See if this helps. The shop manual just list them as the front and rear side doors so I will send you both.


Latch and Remote Control Assembly, Front Side Cargo Door


For removal and installation, refer to the following illustration.

Hinged Body Side Door, Front



ItemPart NumberDescription
1 27200 Body Side Front Door
2 11396 Shield (1 Req'd)
3 21999 Door Latch Knob Grommet
4 264A00 Remote Control and Latch
5 N807329-S100 Screw
6 218A42 Power Door Lock Actuator
7 21991 Lock Cylinder
8 40060 Wedge and Plate
9 N802141-S36B Screw
10 W701566-S417 Rivet (1 Req'd)
11 N610126-S2 Screw
12 N800354-S103 Nut
13 266B10 Inside Handle Assembly
14 391401-S417 Rivet (2 Req'd)
15 26600 Body Side Front Door Handle
A - Tighten to 10-14 Nm
(89-123 Lb-In)
B - Tighten to 2.1-2.9 Nm
(19-25 Lb-In)
C - Tighten to 1.6-2.2 Nm
(15-19 Lb-In)
D - Tighten to 10-20 Nm (7-15 Lb-Ft)



Latche and Remote Control Assembly, Rear Side Cargo Door



  1. remove the trim paneland watershield if equipped.

  2. Disengage the cable keeper by pushing up the lower leg of the keeper and sliding the keeper toward the outside of the door.

  3. Push the cable through the slot in the handle, then open the handle.

  4. Move inner cable so it will slide through the slot in the inner side of the handle assembly.

  5. Remove the cable from handle.

  6. Pinch the legs of the cable clip together and push clip through the hole in the inner panel.

  7. Remove two latch screws.

  8. Pull the latch upward to remove.



ItemPart NumberDescription
1 11396 Shield (1 Req'd)
2 N806679-S100 Screw
3 40060 Wedge and Plate
4 N802141-S36B Screw
5 264A01 Remote Control and Latch
6 N805995-S100 Rivet
7 43142 Cable Keeper (2 Req'd)
8 N806680-S100 Screw
9 264A10 Door Latch Striker
10 264A26 Upper Latch
A - Tighten to 10-14 Nm
(89-123 Lb-In)
B - Tighten to 2.1-2.9 Nm
(19-25 Lb-In)
C - Tighten to 22-28 Nm (16-21 Lb-Ft)


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

would it be better to detach the locking mechanism in view A.

Expert:  Chuck replied 7 years ago.
I am trying to down load you a better pic from the parts manual that may give you some more detail. I'll try and post it in a few minutes.Had to log into the computer at work and email it to myself.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
okay i'll wait for that. I can see where the inside door handles cable attaches on the top part in view a, but the cable for the outside handle I can't tell where that connects. I tried using a maintenance mirror, but there's not much room to move around.
Expert:  Chuck replied 7 years ago.

What I was trying didn't work.



See if this is what you need,this is for the outside door handle




ItemPart NumberDescription
1 391401-S417 Rivet (2 Req'd)
2 26600 Body Side Front Door Handle
3 27200 Body Side Front Door
4 - Remote Control and Latch Assembly Cable (Part of 264A00)



Handle, Outside, Front Side Cargo Door and Right Rear Door



  1. While holding the handle open, drill out the two attaching rivets.

  2. While still holding the handle open, carefully pull the handle from body side door (24622) or housing opening.

  3. Disengage the cable from handle. Keep the cable end outside of the door

Chuck and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I'll give it a try. Thanks

Expert:  Chuck replied 7 years ago.
If it doesn't work holler back and I will try tomorrow to print and scan the pic from the parts manual.