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Five hundred..change oil changed and now it says slow circles

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I have a 2006 five hundred. The change oil message would not reset after having my oil changed and now it says slow circles to calibrate. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

good afternoon and thank you for inquiring with JustAnswer. The trick to resetting the oil change minder is to let go of the switch when the minder changes from 'hold reset' to 'if new oil used' etc. Everytime the meseage updates you must let go of 'reset' and right away hold it again. As far as the 'circle slowly to calibrate' that refers to the compass, to recalibrate the compass you must do exactly that, find an open parking lot, preferably away from overhead power wires and cell phone towers to avaid electrical interferance, then slowly circle around about twice , untill the message disapears and compass is calibrated. The best way is to go just at idle speed in as tight of a turn as you can(steering wheel all the way towards one direction).


Compass Calibration


  1. NOTE: For optimum calibration, drive to an open, level location away from large metallic objects or structures. Switch off all non-essential electrical accessories (rear window defrost, heater, A/C, map lamps, wipers, etc.) and make sure all doors are closed.

    Start the vehicle.
  1. NOTE: Do not select trip, DTE, or AFE. The top line of the message center must be blank.

    Press the INFO button repeatedly until the compass and odometer are displayed in the message center.
  1. NOTE: If the message center displays the message SLOW CIRCLES TO CALIBRATE, then continue with Step 3. If the message center displays a heading, continue with Step 4.

    Drive the vehicle in circles up to 3 times until the message CALIBRATION COMPLETED appears and 1 of the 8 valid headings (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) is displayed.
  1. Drive the vehicle in at least one circle to verify that the calibration process has taken place, confirming that the heading changes accordingly. If this happens, the compass has been calibrated successfully. Otherwise, if the display shows only one heading as the vehicle is driven, repeat the procedure from Step 2.


Oil Life Reset - Base Instrument Cluster

  1. Press and release the ODO/TRIP button to toggle between the odometer and trip odometer displays.
  1. Press and release the ODO/TRIP button again to toggle between the trip odometer display and the OIL LIFE XX% display.
  1. Press and hold the ODO/TRIP button for approximately 2 seconds or longer until OIL LIFE 100% is displayed.
  1. Press and release the ODO/TRIP button to return to the odometer display.

Oil Life Reset - Message Center Instrument Cluster

  1. Press and release the SETUP button until OIL LIFE XX% RESET IF NEW is displayed.
  1. Press and release the RESET button until IF NEW OIL HOLD RESET is displayed.
  1. Press and hold the RESET button until OIL LIFE SET TO 100% is displayed


I hope my assistance helped you and resolved your concern, if you need further assistance please ask.

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