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I have a 1997 ford f150 with no heat..the thermostat has been

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I have a 1997 ford f150 with no heat..the thermostat has been changed ,radiator has been flushed ,fans are working but still no heat??

Hi there



The first thing we have to check is if the heater hoses going to the heater core are getting hot ---open the hood and on the passengers side of the fire wall you will see both heater hoses going into the fire wall,,,, start the truck up and let it warm up,,,then put your hand on both heater hoses as close to the fire wall as you can ,,,and see if BOTH hoses are getting hot ,,,if they are then your heater core is OK



if the heater core checks out ok,, then next we have to see if you have a bad blend door motor ,,or the door that the motor turns is broken ,,,, you will need a flash light ,,,,


the blend door motor is located in the center of the dash ,,at the very bottom of the dash ,,it controls cold and hot air flow ,,it turn a door inside the dash ,,,the motors tend to go bad and the door it turns tends to brake ,,,,


to check the motor and door,,,start the truck up and then enter the truck from the passengers side door and get on the floor between the seat and dash ,,,,,at the very center of the dash there is a panel that looks like this




pop off the right side off it ,,there is a push pin holding it in place,, just pull on the panel and it will pop out ,,then you can see behind this panel,, now there you will see the motor ,,it has a small white conector to it ,,, looks like this but it sits horizontal





turn the a/c ON ,,,and play with the temp control knob ,,move the knob all the way to cold and all they way to hot ,,,with your flash light look at the top of the motor ,,,you will see there is a shaft comeing out of the motor that should turn back and forth as you turn the a/c temp control knob ----------as you turn the knob the motors shaft should turn ,,if it does not ,,,then the motor is bad and this is why you do not have heat ---


if the motor does move ,,, then take a very close look at the shaft on the motor ,,look at the black part that it goes into ,,,,does it look cracked at all,, ???? if it does ,,,, then the door that the motor turns is bad and needs to be replaced



tell me what you find,,we can go back and forth on this page



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Chris,when holding both heater hoses next to the firewall one is hot the other is cold.
does this mean I need to replace the heater core?

It could mean you need to replace it ,,,




but lets try this ,,,, the HOT hose is the inlet tube to the heater core ,,,and the COLD hose is the outlet hose to the heater core ,,,, make sure you know witch is witch and then remove both hoses ,,,,


then take a garden hose and back flash the heater core on the OUTLET side of the heater core ,,,the cold side ,,,to try to flush all the junk out of it ,,,, take your time and flush it good ,,,, then put the hoses back in place and let the truck warm up and see if you have heat ,,,,if you do ,,,then your good to go ,,,if not ,,,,then you have to replace it



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