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where is the electronic flasher unit on my 2005 ford explorer

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where is the electronic flasher unit on my 2005 ford explorer? The turn signal does not blink. Replaced fuse and it still gets "stuck"!



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I am not sure if you are talking about the multifunction switch (the switch you move to indicate which way you are turning) or the flasher relay. I have attached a picture for the relay location (see bottom of page.) If you are talking about the mulfunction switch you will need to remove the steering column cover which has 3 screws holding the lower cover on, then you will need to remove the steering column adjuster rod and also the ignition lock cylinder will need to be removed. The ignition switch will need to be turned to the 'run' position then you will take a pick and stick if in the small hole at the base of the igntion lock cylinder to depress the lock on the cylinder. After that you then remove the upper steering column cover. To remove the upper cover it is easiest with the steering column adjusted as far down as it will go, then move the transmission lever to the neutral or lower gear position to be able to route the upper cover out of the way. Once the steering column covers are removed you will need to remove the two T20 torx screws that hold the multifunction switch onto the steering column. If you turn the turn signal switch and all that happens is the flasher indicator is staying 'on' and not flashing then the most common issue is the turn signal relay. You can confirm the relay is bad, by putting your hand on the relay then turn the switch to activate the turn signal, if all you feel is a single click then the relay is faulty.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the switch works fine because I can make the light blink by moving it up and down. So that means that I probably need to replace C2047, the indicator flasher relay. And where is that "group of parts" in relation to the fuse box?
That relay will be on the backside of the fuse box. You should be able to reach it from the backside, if not you will need to remove the bolts that hold the fuse box in to access.
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