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2002 Lincoln LS: door door..the door lock..schematic

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2002 Lincoln LS front interior door latch will not open door from inside. Pulled panel - found broken plastic piece which i think somehow goes around a post - can't see how this opens door - there is no cable but for the door lock - help - is there a schematic? Or how do I remove the latch assembly from the door so i can try to reglue the plastic part?

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There is a cable that is supposed to be attached to the handle that goes down to the latch to open the door. I have a picture of how the cable attaches and maybe it will help you out.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok - what tool do I use to remove the screws?

And, you haven't answered the question of how the plastic part fits - the only cable I see is the one that activates when you move the lock and unlock - that is working - I do not see another cable or are you saying the lock unlock cable is what opens the door.

It is all the same cable. There are rivets holding the handle to the door. You need you use a punch and punch the center of the rivet out and then drill the rest of the rivet out. Its hard for me to figure out what plastic piece you are talking about, but there is a pin that should hold the handle stationary and it pivots on this pin. What may be an easy option for you is take a look at the passanger door handle and see all the parts and try and figure out which one is broken. I myself use this same method when I can not figure out how something goes together.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The plastic part is the piece that goes around the pivot - it has chrome plating on it - if I drill the rivets out - sounds like I need to buy rivets and reinstall them - is this the only way to reinstall the handle mechanism - seems like if i bought a new handle mechanism i would have the same problem of taking rivets out and putting them back in - any idea what the cost of a new interior door handle mechanism would be?

I will go back to playing around until i get your answer

It does sound like you will just need to bit a new handle and the parts are really not replaceable. I am not 100% on the price but I don't think they are more than $75. Yes you will need to replace the rivers with new ones.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Last question - I can fit the plastic part around the pivot without taking the rivets out - while not the optimum solution (but the part is xxing plastic) would super glue hold it or is there an epoxy you would recommend - I have two separte points of contact
Its not recommended but have seem epoxyed handles before hold up for quite some time.
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