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Al Smitty
Al Smitty, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE Master Tech, Ford Engine and Chassis Master Tech, Auto Tech Instructor
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How do i change the FPR screen on my 97 7.

Customer Question

how do i change the FPR screen on my 97 7.3 litre
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Al Smitty replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer.

Here is the procedure for the filter.

Best of luck


Fuel Filter/Water Separator


  1. Remove all hose connections attached to fuel filter assembly.
  2. Place a suitable container at the end of the drain hose to catch the fuel and open filter drain.
  3. Remove water drain hose from fuel filter assembly.
  4. Remove fuel outlet hose, located between fuel pump and filter housing.
  5. Remove fuel return hose from fuel pressure regulating valve.
  6. Remove two fuel supply hoses connecting regulator block to cylinder head fuel rails.
  7. Loosen clamp at fuel pump end on hose connecting fuel filter to inlet of high pressure stage of fuel pump.
  8. Unclip wiring harness from right side of filter housing.
  9. Disconnect electrical connectors from water in fuel sensor and fuel heater.
  10. Remove two capscrews securing fuel filter base to crankcase and remove fuel filter.
  11. Using a screwdriver or bar, remove fuel filter cap. Fuel filter element will come out with cap.
  12. Remove and discard bevel gasket. Carefully clean mating surfaces.
  13. Press in on fuel filter element locking tabs to separate element from cap.


  1. NOTE: The engine will not run if the fuel filter is not correctly installed in housing. Apply a coating of clean diesel fuel to new bevel gasket and install onto fuel filter housing gland.
  2. Install new fuel filter element onto cap. Place new fuel filter element and cap into fuel filter housing. Allow fuel to soak into fuel filter element. Tighten cap onto fuel filter housing until cap contacts the aluminum housing.
  3. Mount fuel filter base to crankcase with two capscrews. Tighten to 33-52 N.m (24-38 lb-ft) .

  1. Install all hose connections to filter assembly in reverse order of removal.