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2001 ford taurus . fuse 28 keeps blowing and transmission goes

Customer Question

2001 ford taurus . Fuse 28 keeps blowing and transmission goes into limp mode. Codes, po750, po743,p1747,po755,po760,p1451,po135,po141,po155. I read that P1747 is a pressure control solenoid," A," shortcircuit. Can you replace it without pulling the tranny. I see that most of the codes would come up when the fuse blows as this fuse controls the ac clutch, hego, evap,etc. Any help would be appreciated. I guess I'm wondering if this can be fixed without transmission removal. I see that on some sites theysay there is side panal for access to the shift solenoids ,EPS and TCC control solenoids. I believe the tranny is an AX4N. 3.0 liter OHC not the 24 valve engine. 2001 Taurus. I had this same thing happen 3 yrs agoon this ca and all we did was replace te fuse 28 in the engine department and worked fine for 3 yrs until now. Fuse blows everytime replace it and than restart it. I saw a esponse on his site that had the same cmplaint with fuse blowng. The mechanic recommended uhooking the ac relay in the junction box 1st than the canister vent valve at the fuel tank. Then try unplugging the each o2 sensor and than trace the harness back. Does this make sense? f so could you provide more details? Thanks for any help! Kerry
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to


I have seen this problem a few times and it was a shorted wire on the transmission valve body under the side pan. The wire actually shorts out on the metal pan. That side pan can be a pain to remove but it can be done without droping the transmission. Your other option would be to install some inline fuses to each leg of the circuit and see which one of them blows.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Does the shorted wire provide power to the pressure control solenoid? Would this explain the short circuit to the pressure control circuit code p1747? Is there a way to reach this wire from the bottom of the tranny. Do you have to remove a lot from the front left side to gain access to the side cover? Could you also explain where I could find the legs of each circuit to try the inline fuses or give me more details on how this is accomplished. Again i thank you for your advice I just need more of a detailed explanation of how to do this.

Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.
That fuse does power the shift solenoids, EPC solenoid, and the TCC solenoid. The side pan needs to be removed to repair the wire. You need to remove the side transmission mount, battery, battery tray, and air cleaner assembly. Then the bottom of the transmission needs to be supported and the side pan unbolted and lifted out through the top. It's a little tight but since you have the OHV engine is not as bad as the DOHC. Since the fuse does not blow all the time it will be difficult to pinpoint the short. The fuse goes to the transmission, all oxygen sensors, evap canister vent solenoid and the a/c relay. You can splice in an inline fuse to the red power wire going to each of these to pinpoint the source of the short.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks again for your advice but still have question or two. Where exactly is the canister vent solenoid? Is it located near the gas tank or on the firewall in the engine compartment? As far as the tranny can you hook it to the red wire in the block connector on top of the transaxle. I'm just asking where the easiest place is to put the inline fuses to test each area. Again thanks for your patience and very good info. I'm hoping the short is not in the tranny as I have seen a demontration on another ford taurus website which has pictures and complete explanation of how to remove the side cover if the epc should be bad. Really does'nt look like fun. Thanks Kerry.

Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.
The canister vent solenoid is located on the canister which is located underneath your vehicle behind the rear suspension under the trunk. I would install the inline fuse to that red wire on the transmission connector. If the fuse blows that means the fault in inside the transmission.