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99 F250. No turn signals work. Hazards dont work. Center

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99 F250. No turn signals work. Hazards don't work. Center brake light works but rear ones don't. Bulbs are good. Turn signal arm seems to physically operate correctly, high/low beams and wipers work.

I can't find the flasher. Don't know where to look.

Any advice?
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My name is Vladimir.
The flasher relay is located behind center of instrument panel in the Blower/Flasher relay box. I doubt that the turn/hazard lamps problem is caused by the flasher relay because your stop lamp do not work as well.
Since your rear brake lights do not work, I would start with testing the multifunction switch that is more than likely faulty.
When you step on the brake pedal, the high mounted stop lamp gets powered directly from the brake pedal position switch while the rear brake lamps get power through the multifunction switch contacts.
Disconnect the Grey multifunction switch connector, use a test light connected to ground, depress the brake pedal and probe the Light Green wire = your test light should glow. If you get +12 v power on the Lt.Green wire with the brake pedal applied, then jumper this Lt. Green wire with the Lt. Green/Orange and Orange /Lt. Blue wires at the Grey connector and check if the rear stop lamps glow with the brake pedal applied.
If it works, your multifunction switch is bad and has to be replaced.
Use this wiring diagram as a guide:
Vladgmru and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hello Vladimir,


I disconnected the malfunction switch and ran the test that you suggested. Everything worked as you said which suggested that the malfunction switch was faulty. However, I carefully opened up the switch and saw no visible damage to any contacts. I re-assembled the switch and started testing for continuity between the apprpriate pins on the connector portion of the switch. I realized that the 4-way button had been activated and after de-activating it, the switch had continuity between the pins and when installed, the brake lights function normally.


But I still have no blinkers or 4-ways. I started looking for the flasher but could not find it. I did find a group of 5 wires that had been cut. The colors are red, wht, blu, blk, and lt blu. Could these wires be for the flasher and the flasher is missing? I just got the truck and it seems as if someone has removed some parts. There is also a connector that is coming out of the harness that has 5 round pins in it but is not hooked up to anything. The colors of the wires going into it are red, blu, grn, blk, wht. What could it go to?


Let's combine the problems from both paragraphs to see if things make sense. If the flasher unit was missing AND the flasher button was activated, would the brake lights not work? If so than it would seem like the problem with the brake lights has been resolved and now the only problem lies in the flasher unit possibly being missing.


Your info is helping, keep it coming!





Thank you for accepting my answer.
I am going to help you further.
You are right, seems that your flasher is either missing or faulty.
Could you tell me if your truck is a light duty or a super duty one?
If you are not sure, just give me your VIN#.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Super Duty
My fault, I thought it was a light duty truck.
I sent you the diagram for a light duty one, anyway it is about the same, but the flasher is in a different place.
The flasher in your car is located in the instrumet panel fuse block.
It is 7:45 AM and I have to run to my work, I will try prepare some useful information and send you from my work computer.
See you later.
The colors of the wires you mentioned above, do not seem to be related to the flasher relay.
The flasher relay is located in the I/P relay block, behind center of I/P.
Make sure you have power and ground to the flasher and check for wiring continuity between the multifunction switch and flasher relay.
Use this wiring diagram and please let me know about you findings.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hey Vladimir,


I got it all figured out. Turns out it was just a missing flasher relay. I had no idea where to find it. I just got in another truck and listened for the flasher and felt around until I found it.


Thanks for your help. I left you a positive feedback a couple of days ago.


Seems like you're 12 hrs ahead of me, I'm in Alaska. That puts you somwhere around Moscow or maybe Dubai. You got a lot of Ford pickups there? :)



I have already seen your feedback and left a positive one for you Smile.
I am glad you finally fixed your truck.
You are right, I am from Moscow, Russia.
We do not have here a lot of Ford pickups, but do have many Expeditions, Navigators, Explorers.
It has been my pleasure talking to you.