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Ford snr master
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replace blend door on 2002 taurus

Customer Question

replace blend door on 2002 taurus
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
good evening and thank you for inquiring with JustAnswer. I can definately assist you with steps nessecary to replace the temperature blenddoor. Have you had your vehicle diagnosed? Have you determined that the door itself is for sure bad? I have rarely, not even a handfull, replaced a temp blend door on a taurus , instead it is always the temp blend door actuator that fails. I just rather you not spend the money if it wil not fix your concern, as i do not expect to get paid until your problem is resolved

Edited by Ford snr master on 10/1/2009 at 12:08 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No I did not diagnose that the door is the problem, but there is a article 02-23-6 which is pointing that usually it is the secondary temperature blend door which is causing 'no heat' condition. I did remove the actuator (white plastic box) and it looks that the door is not moving freely. It rotates in two steps. It turns half way, than it needs to be wigled little and moves the other half. I don't know if it is normal. Is there a quick way to test the actuator?
Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
yes there is. but based on the description you gave it could be a door problem. i have just pulled up the TSB and reviewed it and not being able to physically see and feel the door i will take your word for it binding. To test the actuator,remove it, then leaving it plugged in, turn the temperature control to full cold, then cycle it to full hot while holding the shaft lightly putting on a drag to similate the door. it should NOT stop or start clicking
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have the control panel out and all electrical connectors are removed. if I plug the heat control dial connector and actuator connector will the test work?

Also if I would need to replace the door, how do I open the plastic housing where the blending door is?

Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
for the blend door i will post the procedure out the shop manual for you to help. The wiring should all be plugged in for all circuits to get power to test the actuator. If you have the dash loose already, you can just lay it in without bolting it in, reconnect the connecters and check it that way. (of course you do not need to plug in the redundant outputs such as blower motor, antenna cable, blower resistor, brake pedal switch etc. but i would definately test the actuator first
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Where will you post the shop manual procedure, so I know how to access it.


Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
ok, sure will,please give me a few minutes to copy and paste the information
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX your help.


Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.

if you are able to get the door seperate, you will need to grind the seam of the 2 halves of the heater case, or if you are replacing the case then all nessecary parts will need to be swapped over.


Heater Core And Evaporator Core Housing

PAG Refrigerant Compressor Oil (R-134a Systems)
F7AZ-19589-DA (Motorcraft YN-12-C)

Removal and Installation

  1. Prepare the vehicle for heater core and evaporator core housing removal.
    1. Recover the refrigerant.
  2. Remove the instrument panel.
  3. Remove the right side cowl vent screen
  4. graphic
  5. Remove the screws and the water shield.
  6. graphic
  7. Disconnect the vacuum supply hose.
  8. graphic
  9. Using suitable hose pinching pliers, clamp the heater hoses. Disconnect the heater hoses. Cap the heater core tubes.
  10. graphic
  11. Disconnect the evaporator outlet spring lock coupling and cap the evaporator outlet tube and the suction accumulator tube.
    • During installation, install new O-ring seals lubricated with PAG oil or equivalent.
    • graphic
  12. Remove the two bolts.
  13. graphic
  14. Disconnect the evaporator inlet spring lock coupling and cap the evaporator inlet tube and the condenser to evaporator line tube.
    • During installation, install new O-ring seals lubricated with PAG oil or equivalent.
  15. graphic
  16. Remove the three nuts at the dash pane
  17. graphic
  18. Remove the screws and the heater outlet floor duct.
  19. graphic
  20. Remove the bolt and nut.
  21. graphic
    1. Remove the heater core and evaporator core housing (19B555).
    1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
      • Lubricant the coolant hoses with coolant hose lubricant or plain water only, if needed.
    1. Evacuate, leak test and charge the A/C system. Refill the cooling system. For additional information
    The heatercase is serviced as an assembly, if you are able to get the door seperate, then you will need to splite the case
Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
If you unscrew the actuator and plug in the control head (leaving it out though) test the actuator first prior to diassembling components,please let me know your findings, i will assist you throught the process untill you are 100% satisfied, not untill then would i like you ta accept my answer.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It is a big job.

The service note is saying that it should take 3 hours.

Was there any info you needed?

Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
The only info i would like to know is if the temp blend door actuator/motor is operating or if it is stuck, another way you could check its operation, while installed, will require a mirror and you would inspect to see if the circular cam with the square in it , is turning when you control the temperature. A small mirror on a telescopic post and flashlight will be required. I am just curious since i replace way more blend door motors than doors. anyways, just incase you want to print these shop references out, i will post another copy of the TSB for you so you have it all in 1 bundle
Expert:  Ford snr master replied 7 years ago.
Publication Date: November 18, 2002

FORD:1996-2003 TAURUS


Some vehicles may exhibit constant warm air discharge from the climate control system. This may be caused by the Climate Control Stratification Door (Secondary Temperature Blend Door) which may distort and bind.


Replace the Climate Control Stratification (Secondary) Temperature Blend Door with a redesigned service part. The service procedure has changed as this door is now available separately versus replacing the case assembly.


System Conditions

EATC System - EATC diagnostics may show a code B1249 or codes 022, 024 or 025. System defaults to full heat. System operates normally after running EATC on-demand self test, no concern found after performing appropriate Work Shop Manual Pin Point Test. Concern may repeat after two or more weeks.

Manual System - System has no temp control, possibly "popping" noise when changing temperature setting.

Stratification (Secondary) Temperature Blend Door Replacement

  1. Remove the Instrument Panel. Refer to the appropriate model year Workshop Manual Section 501-12.
  2. Remove the Temperature Blend Door Actuator. Refer to Workshop Manual Section 412-04.
  3. The door control should now move freely. (depending on the extent of door interference, the door may not be able to be moved freely).
  4. Inside the plenum, you will see the Stratification (Secondary) Temperature Blend Door or upper door attached to the main temperature blend door by an internal white nylon link. Disconnect the nylon link from the stratification door. Squeezing the clips together on the white nylon link should aid in removal (Figure 1).
  5. Reach inside and remove the stratification door. Cutting the door with metal snip pliers near the pivots will provide easier removal.
  6. Place the new door 3F1Z-19D842-AA inside the plenum chamber and slide in the large pivot point first (which is closest to you) then slide the door into position until the small door pivot point on the front side of the case clicks into place.
  7. Connect the nylon link, reinstall the temperature blend door actuator, and instrument panel per the Workshop Manual.

3F1Z-19D842-AAStratification (Secondary) Temperature Blend Door




Eligible Under The Provisions Of Bumper To Bumper Warranty Coverage

022306AReplace The Secondary Temperature Blend Door (Includes Time To Remove And Install Instrument Panel) 1996-1999 Taurus/Sable2.3 Hrs.
022306BReplace The Secondary Temperature Blend Door (Includes Time To Remove And Install Instrument Panel) 2000-2003 Taurus/Sable3.0 Hrs.
022306CReplace The Secondary Temperature Blend Door (Includes Time To Remove And Install Instrument Panel) 1998-2000 Continental3.5 Hrs.
022306DReplace The Secondary Temperature Blend Door (Includes Time To Remove And Install Instrument Panel) 2001-2002 Continental4.1 Hrs.