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O/D Off flashing 2004 Ford Explorer

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O/D Off flashing 2004 Ford Explorer
The O/D light flashing is similar to a flashing check engine light. It is the computer's way of telling you that a fault is present, and it is related to the transmission system. When the light is flashing, the fault is present and a code is stored. Even if the fault went away temporarily, the computer will store the fault code for later retrieval, to aid in diagnosis.

The next step is to have the codes retrieved. If you visit a local auto parts store, some of them offer free code reading services. Post the codes found here for more info on what the problem may be.

Besides that, perform a visual inspection on the wiring and connections to the transmission, looking fo obvious faults.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Once I get the codes retrieved can I get back to you for more advice?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Also it was raining and alot of water was on the road when the O/D light came on
Yes, you can post back and keep the dialog going as needed. It does sound like it is probably electrically related if water splash affected it. There may be some corrosion in the connectors for the transmission harness.

If you are so inclined, you can disconnect the connectors under there and look for corrosion damage to the pins. Corrosion can cause electrical current to take alternate paths and result in problems. Cleaning off corrosion can sometimes restore proper function. For cleaning, get some CAIG De-Oxit brand cleaner from Radio Shack or other source. Adding moisture to dried out corrosion can cause problems to surface, once it dies out, it may go back to working right for awhile.
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