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What kind of antifreeze can I use? Lost Ford F150 owner’s manual

Resolved Question:

I have a Ford F150. I lost my owners manual. What kind of antifreeze can I use? Are there any I cannot?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.


Your truck takes regular Green Antifreeze. It should be a 50/50 mix with water. Since the truck has green in the engine you shouldn't mix it with any other colored antifreeze, but if you are going to change and flush the system, you can also use the Gold fluid from Ford. The only antifreeze to stay away from is the Dexcool, orange antifreeze. It doesn't have the lubricating additives needed for these engines. Hope this helps.

General Specifications
Capacity 4.2L1 L (qts)16.4 (17.3)
Capacity 4.6L2 L (qts)18.4 (19.4)
Capacity 5.4L 2 L (qts)18.4 (19.4)
Coolant Mixture With Water50%2
Pressure Relief Cap Opening Pressure kPa (psi)110 (16)
Radiator Pressure Test138 kpa (20 psi)
Water Pump Pulley Ratio - 4.2L1.2
Pump Pulley Ratio - 4.6L1.3
Pump Pulley Ratio - 5.4L1.3
Water Thermostat Start To Open Temperature C (F)86.7-90.6°C (188-195°F)
Water Thermostat Full Open Temperature C (F)97.8-101.7°C (208-215°F)
Ford Premium Cooling System Flush F1AZ-19A503-AESR-M14P7-A
Premium Long Life Grease XG-1-CESA-M1C75-B
Stop Leak Powder

1 Includes radiator coolant recovery reservoir fluid level between the "COOLANT FILL LEVEL" lines.
2 Ford Premium Engine Coolant (green in color) E2FZ-19549-AA or -B (Canada: Motorcraft CXC-8-B, Oregon: F5FZ-19549) Recycled Coolant or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A.

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