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Tim Mohr
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Ford F150 Lariat: gas smell..the freeway--just around town and idling

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I have a raw gas smell in my Ford F150 Lariat. I don't smell it on the freeway--just around town and idling--only at times--and more often when I have the A/C on. It smells like a gas stove turned on, but not being lit. The mechanic said he didn't know.
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX sounds like a leaky injector, I have had a few of these, they dont leak enough to leave a puddle on the ground, but can definetly smeel like raw gas, especially with the a/c or heater on, the fresh air is drawn from the front and can amplify the smell. i suggest checking the injector real close for a small leak.Tim
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Do you feel fairly certain about that, and if so--is that expensive?? Is there a possibility of having to replace one or more injectors--? At what approxiimate cost? Also, I would feel good if you feel fairly certain because the mechanic who did my safety inspection said his visual inspection of the exhaust and catalyctic convertor did not see any leaks, and he said let's start with a tune-up--and maybe it's the spark plugs. Of course, my worry is that we start with that, and keep doing all sorts of things without getting to the problem, because he said he couldn't smell it.


Also, how long before it becomes a bigger problem? The truck does run smooth. Also, it doesn't have a fresh gas smell--more like that "raw gas" stove--like that from a pilot light that wasn't lit. Why is that, if you think it's a fuel injector? Thanks!!

You got me a little confused here, It doesnt smell like fresh gas, like when you are pumping gas in the tank?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No, it's definitely a fuel smell, but imagine turning on a gas stove in your kitchen that doesn't light--it's like the smell of that "natural" gas in your kitchen. Is that the type of gas that supplies our homes--natural gas?


Anyway, that's what I'm referring to by a "raw gas" smell and is more like what the odor in the cabin is, whereas fresh gas has a more distinct smell. In other words, it doesn't quite smell quite like the gas you might spill in your cab from a gas can with fresh gas for your lawnmower or something. It's not like that smell, but it does smell like some sort of gas odor. Maybe a propane type of smell?


Again, I've never noticed it on the freeway, but when driving stop n' go around town, and when the A/C is running it comes and goes. There are NO leaks that I've noticed on my garage floor.


Does that help at all? I don't know what to call it other than a gas smell--which is the closest.

Ok, what I think you are smelling is Bacteria in the a/c system, this can smell a little like propane, or natural gas, The a/c evaporator collects moisture when it is on, and when shut off it melts and is suppose to drain out a drain tube in the box, we use a spray made by BG called fridgefresh, It will kill bacteria in your a/c system, You spray it into the vents by your windsheild wiper with the blower on high, and this will kill the bacteria in it and make it fresh smelling again, some times it takes 3 treatments to kill this smell.Tim
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks, Tim. I will try that. Will you tell me where to get this spray? And, if that does that trick, then I am extremely grateful, because I don't like the smell, and I hate when a mechanic says--"I can't smell it, and I don't know what it is, but let's begin with this." I know that's standard procedure when you don't know, but I'm hoping that your answer is correct and solves the problem. So, you've dealt with this problem before then?


Again, thanks. I'll wait for your reply on where to get that spray and then I press "accept" after, so you can get paid, correct? Thanks again!



[email protected]


Most parts houses will sell it, I know Napa and car quest do. Spark plugs will not cause a gas smell. try this first.Tim
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