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Experience:  Ford employed certified master tech 10yrs. ASE certifications, Think neighbor, Escape/Fusion Hybrid
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i just purchased a 2002 ford think nev put new batteries in

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i just purchased a 2002 ford think nev put new batteries in it and only the flashers horn and brake lights work all fuses are good the gauge custer won't even show that the carger is plugged in and that seems to be working it hums loud what can i check where should i start?
HiCustomer Thanks for using

If the batteries are good, you'll want to check the fuse for the instrument cluster. Once you check it, if its good then you'll want to replace the instrument cluster. The part # XXXXX XXXXX Here is a video to help you test your Think vehicle. It will show you how to test the batteries, and fuse. If they pass the tests then you'll need to replace the instrument cluster.

Here is a link to the video in case it doesn
t come thru. Ford Think Test

If you need more help, just ask and I'll be happy to assist you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i'm a little scared to spend all that dough on a cluster when i got the think that fuse was burn't out do you know what can caus that fuse to blow?
HelloCustomerbr />The charger and the cluster itself were known causes to blow that fuse!
When the think first came out, it was fitted with a charger that would cause all kinds of problems, overcharging, undercharging, shorting the instrument cluster. If your charger is humming, then you have the old charger. Ford later came out with a updated charger that doesn't hum and has no issues with it. Here's a pic of the new charger to help you identify it.graphicIf you don't have this charger then you got the old one!

If your fuse is good, and your total battery voltage is good (around 72v, sometimes if a battery was put in wrong this will happen too, but your voltage won't equal 72v it will be 58 or lower), and the cluster does not come on, than your cluster has to be blown. It could possibly have a bad wire but I've never seen it.
Sometimes they would blow up and you could actually smell burnt electronics when you take it out. Here's a video on how to take it out, and you can smell it to see if its blown. Remember though, it doesn't smell all the time when it blows!

Here is the link in case it doesn't go thru! Ford cluster removal

Yeah i know it costs alot to repair, I've worked on these since they first came out in 2002. Unfortunately everything is expensive on these. My testing has always been very accurate. If you test the cart like the first video shows, then it will direct you to replace the correct part. If you have the old charger, you'll probably want to replace it to help keep it from happening again.

I'm sorry there is no quick fix for this or cheap, but I've worked on these carts for a long time, and this is definately the best and correct advice.

If your satisfied with my answer please click accept, if you need more help please feel free to ask!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

why do you say to replace the charger what does that have to do with the guage cluster? this cart doesn't even have 50 original miles. thanks for the help i will be accepting your answers.

p.s can you direct me somewhere to buy a cluster?

ThanksCustomerbr />
The old style cluster would cause voltage spikes which would cause the fuse or cluster to blow up, They also will cause your batteries to fail prematurely, and original batteries are extremely expensive.

Here is Ford actual bulletin to replace the charger Tsb 05-04-12

So in conclusion, make sure you do the tests.. 1. battery voltage= 72v If less charge or replace batteries (make sure they are wired correctly) 2. Test fuse if blown replace fuse try again. If its good 3. Replace cluster.

Here is a pic of the battery wiring to help you, Its the same as on the video.

You can get the cluster at any Ford dealer, just give them this part# XXXXX
You can get the charger there too part# XXXXX

You can also try ebay
or here

If you have more questions just let me know!

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