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2000 Mustang: gear shifter..park and cant get it to shift..towing

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2000 Mustang, autotrans.. gear shifter is stuck in park and can't get it to shift. Any suggestions from anyone on how to figure this one out without towing to a transmission mechanic?

Hi Bisday,


Thanks for using Just Answer, the most common cause of the problem that you are having is a defective BPP (Brake Pedal Position) switch, when you press the brake to shift out of park, the BPP sends a signal to the shift lock actuator, which allows you to shift out of park and into gear. The BPP is located on the brake pedal lever located on the driver's side under the dash.


However if you are not able to repair, you can turn ignition to the RUN position without starting the vehicle, shift to nuetral position and then start the vehicle and sift to drive or reverse.Hope this helps you out.








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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Will try replacing the BPP switch, hopefully I can get one from a parts place. Tried the ignition to Run - then shift to nuetral idea but did not allow me to shift to nuetral so can't get that one to work. Will check the switch out.

Hi Bisday,


Turn the key to the on position without the vehicle running while pressing the brake and then shift out of park sorry for the confusion.


Do not start the vehicle until it is in nuetral.

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Also double check rear brake lights when the pedal is depressed. If they illuminate or not. Let me know.