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Trying to put rear main seal in 2000 Ford Explorer. 4.0l SOHC.

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Trying to put rear main seal in 2000 Ford Explorer. 4.0l SOHC. Seal has some kind of metal sleeve. Don't know how to install it. Looks like seal goes in first, then wear sleeve fits on.

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You will need to use this special tool to install the rear main seal. You should not seperate the sleave from the seal. If you try to just bang it on chances are it will leak again and you will be doing it again.




Rear Oil Seal Replacer
303-S524 (T95T-6701-AR)


  1. Remove the flywheel. For additional information, refer to Flywheel in this section.
  1. NOTE: The crankshaft rear seal may have a metal speedy sleeve. This sleeve must be removed before attempting to remove the seal.

    If necessary, remove the speedy sleeve using two screwdrivers or small pry bars.
  1. CAUTION: Avoid scratching or damaging the oil crankshaft seal running surface during removal of the crankshaft rear oil seal.

    Using the special tool, remove the crankshaft rear oil seal.


  1. NOTE: Be sure the crankshaft rear sealing surface is clean and free of any rust or corrosion. To clean the crankshaft rear sealing surface, use extra-fine emery cloth or extra-fine 0000 steel wool with metal surface cleaner.

    Lubricate the crankshaft rear oil seal with clean engine oil and install on the special tool.
  1. Using the special tool, install the crankshaft rear oil seal.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Where might I find such a tool?
I would go to a Ford dealer and ask to borrow it. It is expensive so if you offer a large deposit to ensure its return they may do it. Otherwise you need to buy one from Rotunda. Search online by the part # XXXXX supplied and check ebay.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
k, thx.
No problem, Good luck. I have tried not using the tool it doesn't work out.