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2008 ford: difficulty starting, and have had to jump start..light came

Resolved Question:

We have a 2008 ford edge, purchased new, just under 26,000. Have had difficulty starting, and have had to jump start not less than 5 times. A light came on with a sound stating "Calibration Complete" when we got home the other night. Sometimes prior to attempting to start, then failing, once we jump start, the power lift doesn't work using the rear button or dash button. The key button is the only thing which works. The sync systems updates, or stays working from time to time once this happens, and the radio comes back on with the clock set at 12, and the volume FULL BLAST.
It is under the bumper to bumper, but am concerned.

Also, any info the warranty, I would think purchasing a new vehicle, if under warranty and needing to be put back in the "shop" wold include making a loaner vehicle available?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Brian replied 8 years ago.
It sounds like there is possibly a loose electrical connection somewhere. When certain computers in the car lose power and then regain power, they will reset. You can start by verifying the battery cables are attached tightly on the battery, and follow the cables to their ends, making sure those ends are also tightly attached. There is a main cable to the fusebox, if you can get to it, make sure it is also tight. Besides that, it would of course make sense to check the battery to see if it is losing charge. A voltmeter could be used to measure the voltage at the battery terminals when it fails to start. Without turning the key on, just sitting there, the battery will read about 12.6 volts fully charged. If something is staying on and draining the battery, you will see significantly less voltage than that. Also monitor the voltage when you tun the key to start, it should not drop below 9.6v during cranking.

Since it is under warranty, yes the best thing would be to let the dealer check it out. If it is something simple like a bad battery, they can probably get it back to you without the need for a loaner. When you make the appointment, ask the dealer service counter about loaners, because not all dealers will provide loaner vehicles. Sometimes the dealer will have customers sign a loaner vehicle policy agreement when they buy a car, which outlines the loaner policy. The dealer website may even have info about the loaners, since free loaner vehicles are used as a marketing tool.
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