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1995 explorer: 4wd..xlt..a flooding issue when the engine is restarted

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My question is my 1995 explorer 4wd xlt has what seems to be a flooding issue when the engine is restarted when the engine is warm. This does not happen all the time. If I take it to Phoenix the problem is more evident. I live in the white mountains 225 miles East of Phoenix. I just changed out the throttle bypass valve and waiting to see if that fixed the problem. next I probably would swap out the throttle position sensor or the coolant sensor, but then again I'm not an expert, just reading what others have found out, wish there was a way to nail it down easier. No errors lites..



Have we checked for codes in the computer? Have we done a key on engine off test? Key on engine running test?


Have we checked fuel pressure? Does fuel pressure hold? fuel pressure regulator?


Have we ohmed out the coolant temp sensor?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The answer to all the above is no. I wish the problem was solid and therefore could check the fuel pressure and see if an injector was leaking, I would think that would not be intermittent. I will check the coolant sensor with my ohm meter and wait till the problem shows up and check it then. I just changed the throttle position sensor so still waiting for the problem to show up again, if what you suggested helped me in any way I'll accept your suggestion for the fix.

Well, fuel pressure is a vary important thing to check especially on hard starts like you have.


if you get me your engine size, I will get you the fuel pressure and resistance specs of the temp sensor.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the engine is a 4.0, I usually go to the post office every day 4 miles each way to get the mail. the engine does not seem to be hot according to the gagues.

Fuel pressure is Key On Engine Off 35 - 45 psi and Key On Engine Running 30 - 40 psi


The temp sensor readings are as follows:


177 ohms at 212 deg F
241 ohms at 194 deg F
332 ohms at 176 deg F
467 ohms at 158 deg F
667 ohms at 140 deg F
973 ohms at 122 deg F
1459 ohms at 104 deg F
2238 ohms at 86 deg F
3520 ohms at 68 deg F
5670 ohms at 50 deg F
9420 ohms at 32 deg F
16180 ohms at -14 deg F
28680 ohms at -4 deg F
52700 ohms at -22 deg F
100700 ohms at -40 deg F

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

that is good for now, I'll give check the reading now cold engine and when its hot, with current thermostat I suppose it's around 200* Tomorrow we go to a friend home 40 miles away and it usually acts up there and will get back to you like on saturday. tahanks for the values and we will see what happens. I do hope it is just the coolant sensor.


SOunds good!


Let me know what you find!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I checked the coolant sensor, If it is located just to the left of where the thermostat is located, like dead front on the engine where the padiator hose is attached there is a sensor with one wire. It reads 20 ohmes cold, probably not the right sensor, so where should I be looking?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

according to my chilton book lol it says that it is the coolant sensor, I'm probing the rubber cap post to ground and got 20 ohmes where as I should get around 4K ohmes. I'll check my 2004 expodition and see what that one reads.


Here is what my referances say.


The Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is mounted at the front of engine, left of throttle body.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

my 2004 is a 5.4, too much mess to get to sensor so will visit neighbor and read his sensor.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I finally found the darn sensor, incovienient to get to in order to get values. Now I know why it cost an arm and 2 legs to get things fixed. I'll go ahead and replace the coolant sensor and go from there. I had the fuel pump and regulator replaced 2 years ago, proably ought to look there first. lol Cheap replacement stuff, I did not do that, I paid 1k for the fuel pump repair, STUPID ME. It was 117 down in Phoenix at the time and I did not want to sweat it. lol. If the coolant sensor will fix the problem I'll accept your input, till then it's an ongoing problem.


Have a good weekend.





But I would rather have you test the sensor to be sure its bad so that we are not replacing parts that are not needed.


But its your car and your money. Suit yourself. I just don't want you to be made at me if this does not take care of the problem.


I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Please don't think that I am trying to be rude in anyway. I just want to get this thing fixed for you as cheap as possible!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No problem, I read how to test the thing, removal, put in water on stove top, heat water, watch ohm meter. It also said old coolant can cause the problem. The antifreeze it two years old. I do not mind replacing parts, it's the same thing a mechanic would do, and I do not have to pay for their incopendience(guess work), just as I(we) are about to do. So hey, I've got no problem. Thankful for any help. It is a closed loop and anything in the loop can cause a problem. Like I said I've swapped out the throttle bypass as of now, still testing, should know the result of that tomorrow before I (we) advance to the next replaceable part.





Lol.. Ok..


If its fine with you, its fine with me!


Let me know how it turns out!



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Amedee: So far I have not tried any of your helpful input. I replaced the throttle by-pass valve before I asked for any assistance in the flooding issue. The problem is so intermittent that it will taks some time to get a good feeling if I fixed it myself. I'd hate to close out and accept your comments when I am not sure if I still have a problem. If it doesn't act up in the next 2 weeks I'll accept your answers even though none were of any help. Could some bad gas cause the car to act as if it were flooding??

Bad gas would cause the engine run rough all the time, not just on start up.


If you accept my answer, the question does not automatically close. We can still continue our conversation until we get this thing fixed.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

So if I accept your answer and the problem (hard starts when the engin is warm) still exists you will help me with advise even though I accept your answer? Seems like I have no way to converse with you unless we do it out of answer help?


my email address is [email protected]. So far the car hasn't had the problem after I swapped out the by-pass unit.



SOrry for the delay!


I would love to help contact you outside of the site, however, Just Answer does not allow contact between the experts and customers/clients outside of the site when dealing with your question.


YES... if you accept my answer now, we can still continue our conversation and I can and will continue to help you until this problem is solved.

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