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A. Penland
A. Penland, Ford Senior Master Technician, ASE
Category: Ford
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How do I remove and replace my headlight assembly, 1997 ford f350

Resolved Question:

How do I remove and replace my headlight assembly, 1997 ford f350
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  A. Penland replied 8 years ago.


Below are the directions for removing your headlight assembly in your 1997 F350. The lower retaining nuts are a little tough to get to. You may have to remove the battery and battery tray along with the air cleaner.

Section 17-01: Lighting, Exterior1997 F-250/350/Super Duty Workshop Manual
REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONProcedure revision date: 07/30/1996


Headlamp Assembly



  1. Remove two screws and two nuts retaining headlamp door (13064).

  1. Pull headlamp door from vehicle. Remove three bulbs and sockets.

  1. Disconnect engine control sensor wiring (12A581) from headlamp bulb (13007).

  1. Remove two retainers attaching upper two attachments of headlamp (13008).

  1. Turn horizontal headlamp adjusting screw (13032) completely out of the adjusting nut.

  1. Pull headlamp from vehicle.


  1. Follow removal procedure in reverse order.

  1. Tighten screws to 1.4-2.3 Nm (13-20 lb-in). Tighten nuts to 4-7 Nm (36-61 lb-in).

  1. Check headlamp aim. Refer to Headlamp in the Adjustments portion of this section.


Any other questions, please ask.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This is the driver side headlamp, I removed the two top screws, how do I remove the rest of the lamp exterior frame.
Expert:  A. Penland replied 8 years ago.
There are 2 or 3 nuts on the bottom near the parking light on the back side. Like I stated earlier, you may have to remove the air cleaner and the battery and battery tray to get at them. They are down behind the light. They should be 11mm or 10mm nuts. Then you can remove the headlight door, or what we call, they chrome bezel with the parking/turn signal lens attached. There are also 2 retainers that hold the headlight to the adjusters. Who will need large snap ring pliers with 90 degree ends to open the retainers and then pull them up and off the retainers. It just takes a little patience.