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1995 Ford ranger 2.3L. I get a click and nothing else. It

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1995 Ford ranger 2.3L. I get a click and nothing else. It this the old ford system with solenoid (aka starter relay) on the engine wall by the battery (there is one there, but my book calls it a starter switch NOT a solenoid), or does it have that switch AND a solenoid on the battery?? If think if the starter relay overheats, the starter is frozen. If it doesn't, it should be the relay. I had my wife start it over and over but didn't feel it for heat. I did take the red power terminal (not bolted) off and the click went away replaced by a quick hum from somewhere else (probably starter). I didn't recall any heat.



Thanks for choosing Just Answer! When you say it clicks is it clicking at the solenoid itself or at the starter? If it is at the starter, take a hammer or an object and hit the starter while someone tries to start the truck (Make sure the parking brake is on and the gear selector is in the park position / neutral if a manual trans. this is to make sure you dont get ran over on accident.) If it starts then you need a new starter, if it is clicking at the solenoid you will need to take a screwdriver and jump the solenoid, to do this turn the key to run, then touch each of the large posts with the screwdriver, if it turns over then you need a new solenoid. If none of that works let me know, and i will assist you to solve your issue. Any questions let me know.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Great!! Easy enough; it's clicking at the "starter relay" on the engine wall But could you answer if that is also called the solenoid on my year of truck? If not, then there is a starter relay, a solenoid and a starter. That doesn't make sense, so I think the wall mounted "Starter relay" is also the solenoid. Right?

Thanx, in advance. I will accept upon your answer here!

They call it the starter relay on this truck although it is also known as a starter solenoid (same thing just different name) I have attached a picture of where it is located. I would almost bet you have a bad starter solenoid (relay) try the screwdriver trick to jump it, I bet it will start.


Starter Relay

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
FOLLOW-UP. It was the starter. I replaced the solenoid anyway, since i had it.

Glad you fixed it. Thanks once again for choosing Just Answer!