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HOw do I remove the alternator - on a ford taurus 2000 3lt

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HOw do I remove the alternator - on a ford taurus 2000 3lt 24 valve v6 engine I know that it has to be disconnected but how do I get to the alternator do I have to remove power steering pump etc or do I go from underneath?

Here are your instructions. However you will have to have a way to lock the flywheel.The ford tool number is XXXXX Holding Tool new number 303-544 ( old number T96P-6375-A).


Removal and Installation

  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. Rotate the accessory drive belt tensioner clockwise and position the accessory drive belt aside.
  3. Remove the power steering hose bracket nut from the generator mounting bolt.





NOTE: The left side bolt will come out with the generator.

Remove the upper generator bolts






5.Remove the RH front wheel and tire assembly


6.Remove the RH front fender splash shield.

  1. Remove the 4 pin-type retainers.
  2. Remove the 3 fender screws.
  3. Remove the lower screw.




7.Remove the screws and the generator splash shield




8.Remove the torque converter inspection cover.




9.Install the flywheel holding tool






NOTE: The crankshaft pulley bolt has a reverse thread.

NOTE: The crankshaft pulley and bolt are a molded composite and are one piece.

Remove the bolt and the crankshaft pulley






11.Lower the generator to allow access to the electrical connectors.

  1. Disconnect the crankshaft sensor.
  2. Release the oxygen sensor connector locator from the bracket.
  3. Remove the lower generator bolt.




12.Disconnect the regulator electrical connector




13.Remove the generator from the vehicle.

  1. Remove the B+ connector nut.
  2. Disconnect the B+ connector and remove the generator



14.To install, reverse the removal procedure

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