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2005 F150: my tensioner for the timing chain went

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My tensioner for the timing chain went bad on my 2005 F150. I am being told that the cam lobes are scared. They are telling me that they need to replace the engine. This cain;t be right. There is no loss of oil and no smoke. can you ehlp

Hello Tomtaylor,

Thanks for coming to Just Answer to ask a question.


How much engine disassembly have they done to verify this?

What brand and grade oil do you use as well as the filter and at what mileage interval do you change the oil?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
they have taken the front cover off. the tensioner was actually split in 2. I am not sure if this happeed wehn the took it off. The truck was running fine. I took the truck in because of a window problem. It just so happens the check engine light cam on the same day I had window troubles.

I had a pens-oil filter on and I have been figiallant in chaning the oil every 5000 miles. The truck has 107500 miles on it.

They say there is some scarring on the cam lobe?
Ford has gotten alot of engines back when they were replaced and found aftermarket oil filters have deteriorated and left parts stuck in oil gallaries thus restricting flow to areas of the engine. So the fact of not using a motorcraft filter and 5w-20 synthetic blend from motorcraft may be the reason this has occured. As for the chain tensioner broked or causing the chain to be loose can be repaired with new chains and guides and actuators. As for the cams they can also be replaced quite easy during this repair. I do not see any reason for a new motor at this time based on just the parts you have listed worn or damaged.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
One more clarification, the fact that the engine was running o.k. and the check eninge light came on the day I took it in should not have caused any further damage to the engine? also how severe does the scaring on the cam lobe have to be before it cause further damge to the engine. If I use Motorcraft and 5w-20 oil will this help decrease psossiblitie of further dmage. And should I change the oil in the next few times before 5000 mile sto assure that there is not any metal shavings in the oil?

Question1- There can be minor amounts of damage going un-noticed but while torn down its a good idea to go ahead and address. Most likely you have cam codes like timing out out spec thus inducing the repair.

2- Scarring really will not cause any damage to the engine below the cam and rollers for the valves, thus me wondering why they say a engine is needed. An engine can even continue running with scarring and can run for quite some time. You will begin to notice power loss once it gets really bad.

3- Yes using ford products and ford specified grade will help in preventing failures. Ford stands behind there products stateing they will increase the longevity of the engine.

4- I would change the oil at a 1000 mile interval after this repair


I personally change my 06 F250 V10 oil every 3k, I do this because I drive short trips, 8 miles a day 4 times, which is bad on oil.

I change my wifes 08 escape 2.3L oil every 6k, I do this because she drives the interstate twice a day for 55 miles one wya and hwy miles and long trips are not harsh on oil.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks so much. You have been a big help!
Your welcome