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lostrider, Ford Technician
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2002 Explorer: wont Ignition switch..mileage..gauges

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2002 Explorer won't start, Turn key it starts,shut off will not restart, when turning key nothing happens, Put new Ignition switch in, same problem Set over night, turn switch with screwdriver will start, shut off-restart nothing. Only lights that go out when holding key to the start poss, is the mileage and temp gauges all others including headlights work and stay bright. Have tried both new and old switch using screwdriver to turn on same thing happens, starts once then nothing. Could it be something to do with the chip in the key? this Explorer has that type of key. I'm at a loss right now.

HiCustomerthis is lostrider, that chip in the key has everything to do with it, its called the PATS system, if the ignition is cycled without a programed key it will start up and shut right back off, the system kills the injectors so the truck cant be stolen, you need to reinstall the ignition key cylinder, turn the key to the run position and look at the dash, if the THEFT light is Flashing then there is a problem with the PATS system, if you have a second key try it and if the same result, then the truck will have to be towed to the dealer for the diagnosis, there is no way to bypass the system, that chip in the key has to be seen by both the processor and the instrument cluster for the truck to stay running. hope this helps.







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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Lost Rider, Thanks for helping, However I have not taken the cylinder out only the switch. Replaced the old switch with new, Installed new one and the same thing is happening. It will start once either using the key of with the switch pulled out of the cylinder and using a screwdriver as a key to start it. After starting I shut it off and try to restart with no luck, Either by using the screwdriver with switch in hand or reinstalling the switch and using the key. All dash gauges work when holding the key in the on position except the mileage and outside temp. Even headlights stay on bright. After telling you this do you feel it's still the CHIP (PATS SYSTEM)

Thanks Wolf.

Yep, if you look at the dash with the key in the run position and the THEFT Light is flashing, its the pats system causing your concern, a normal Theft light is a 3-5 second prove out and then stays off, if it starts flashing or stays on solid, its a failure in the system.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ok Lost Rider, I just tested out what you said. I turned the key to start, Holding it there the red light on the security system stayed red for about 5 seconds then went off while I was still holding the key to start. When I released the key the red light stayed off until I shut the key off and tried once again to start it. Then it acted the same way as above.

By the way the truck did not start any of the times I turned the key on....If all I have done is right, then my only thing to do is tow it to Ford and let them have at it correct?


I believe this will be my last reply. Just waiting for your last answer. I'll then hit Accept and I want to thank you for your assistance....Save me more loss of hair..LOL Thanks Wolf.

Yes , thats what you need to do and make sure that you send all the keys to the truck with the truck when you get it towed, they will need them to do the testing.
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