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95 ford: the ignition switch..bolt..column

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trying to replace/locate the ignition switch in 95 ford f150... the manual I have shows no pictures and states there are bolt to remove to access the part..after removal one must support column...have removed obvious bolt but column still remains somewhat supported....can you advise how I find and access this switch


The Ignition switch is located on the lower portion of the Steering Column & is a little hard to get to.

Here is procedure, but you will have to be sure the Switch is installed just as instructions call for, to be sure it is lined up. :




Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Remove the steering column shroud and lower the steering column.
Disconnect the switch wiring at the multiple plug.
Remove the two nuts that retain the switch to the steering column.
Lift the switch vertically upward to disengage the actuator rod from the switch and remove the switch.
When installing the ignition switch, both the locking mechanism at the top of the column and the switch itself must be in the LOCK position for correct adjustment. To hold the mechanical parts of the column in the LOCK position, move the shift lever into PARK (with automatic transmissions) or REVERSE (with manual transmissions), turn the key to the LOCK position, and remove the key. New replacement switches, when received, are already pinned in the LOCK position by a metal shipping pin inserted in a locking hole on the side of the switch.
Engage the actuator rod in the switch.
Position the switch on the column and install the retaining nuts, but do not tighten them.
Move the switch up and down along the column to locate the mid-position of rod lash, and then tighten the retaining nuts.
Remove the locking pin, connect the battery cable, and check for proper start in PARK or NEUTRAL.-Also check to make certain that the start circuit cannot be actuated in the DRIVE and REVERSE position.
Raise the steering column into position at instrument panel. Install steering column shroud.







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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
HI, here is the problem... the truck would not shut off when I turned the key. I ended up pulling the fuse. The key would just turn and turn. I removed the lock cyl. so should I just replace that or replace the ignition switch as well? It appeared to be mechanical, not electrical.


Thank you for the added info............
Need to supply as much info, so we don't go back & forth & come up with the wrong solution................


This actually sounds like the "Sector Gear" located behind the Ignition Key Cylinder.
The Sector Gear has a Rod attached to it that goes to the Ignition Switch at the bottom of the Steering Column. Typically this Gear breaks & replacement is needed.
Verification of this should be done prior to repacing any parts.
You will need to get to the Ignition Switch, turn the Ignition Key & see if the Rod at the Ignition switch moves. If not, the the Sector Gear is broken & needs replacing.
If the Sector Gear moves, then I would suspect the Ignition Switch.

If you have never replace the Sector Gear, I would recommend a Service person with experience to do the job



Lurch and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So... I have never replaced the sector gear. But I have built race cars, am a welder, rebuilt motors, custom cycles...   What do you think? but also, I have already removed the key lock cylinder... however, your description sounds like what and where the problem was located. I am guessing I have to remove the steering column to replace the sector gear.. ?
Total removal is not necessary, but getting to it is the problem.
I would first verify & see it it is the Gear or the Ignition switch.
I will also see if I can get the procedure for replacing the Sector Gear, as I am not at the shop right now.
Lurch and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you so much! You are a big help. when you get the procedure and/or diagrams for teh sector gear process etc. How will we know how to get them, or where to get them? The same way... monitoring the email and we will receive one that tells us you have answered... etc... and will this cost us additional money.

Also, we want to make sure you have been paid for the questions asked thus far...   and it is not clear to us. Can you or some one varify for us that payment has been made appropriately, and is it 18 bucks for each of those previous questions?? thank you so much


Sorry for the confusion..............
You do not have to pay until you are satisfied & you do not have to pay for each question, unless it is not part of the original question.........


I finally found the procedure from Ford, but this covers the removal with the Steering Column removed & related components, including the Sector Gear ( it is the last few procedures in the below procedures) will try to locate a simpiler version, but will take some time


Here is Ford Manual procedures

click below