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2000 Ford Ranger: 4.0 Liter..block gasket is leaking coolant

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I have a 2000 Ford Ranger, 4.0 Liter. The front cover-to-block gasket is leaking coolant. I will be replacing the front cover gasket and timing chain. I have done this before on small block ford v8s and a chevy/olds 3.8L '78 without removing the oil pan.

The aftermarket repair manual says to remove the engine and remove the entire oil pan. Presumably this is to get a good seal on the bottom of the front cover. However, is there another reason to remove the oil pan (eg, to get the crankshaft timing gear to come off?

THE REAL QUESTION: DO I have to remove the oil pan???
Can't I put in a piece of gasket on the front, top lip of the oilpan after I remove the front cover? (that's how I did this repair on other engines).

Livermore, CA

Hi and welcome to Just Answer!


When I do those, I just loosen the pan bolts and drop the pan down slightly and use some black silicone to restore the seal to the oil pan gasket. Also the o/p gasket is one piece and reusable.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Why do I have to drop the o/p gasket. Is it to get the timing chain gear and chain off - the picture in the manual looks like the o/p is very close the crankshaft. In this case if the timing chain is in good shape (at 145K - what do think about leaving the chain alone) I may not have to drop the pan? Are the t/c sprockets all steel or nylon tipped (like some 60s GM...).

I typically use Permatex 2 which I layer on a new gasket but this doesn't comes with a small tip Presumably the black RVT comes in a tube with a pointy tip and try to get a bead between the block and gasket. What is the gasket sticks to the block in some places and to the pan in others?
Everything is steel. I suggested lossening the bolts on the pan so you dont damage the op gasket. I would change the chain and the tensioner no matter what if you are in there. Its not hard to get the cover off if you are careful though. Use unltra black sparingly though at the corners where the cover meets the block at the oil pan.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How much of the oil pan do I need to put RTV on? As much as I can or just under the front cover? Basically, do I need to get RTV between the o/o the block - which seems like it would be challenging.

BTW---this is the first time for me on Just Answer and your response and this service have been great.
Just use a small dot of it where the block and timing cover and oil pan all meet so you dont get a weird oil leak from where the op gasket is meeting the crack between the block and timing cover. see what I mean. Also thank you, XXXXX XXXXX it.
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